Review for The Night Watchman: by Mark Mynheir

My first book to read that is written by an author who’s a member of a Christian guild for writers.

Suspense/thriller/mystery is my world. Revolving my mind in this world means escaping reality just a bit. 🙂

Well, “The Night Watchman” did not fail my expectations. Living in the world of detectives and unfolding mysteries are the best part of being a human. I guess so. 😀 And should I say that this story ravels those parts which really arouse my interest to its fullest.

To give you more glimpse about the book, let’s start with the characters. Heading up the starting line is Ray Quinn – a former Orlando homicide detective. For me, he’s the symbol of those people who loses Hope with their lives because they don’t know yet their purpose. But as they uncover their true purpose, they regain Hope for real. Pam – she’s the sister of a pastor who believes that God has a purpose for everything. She symbolizes every people who trust in the Lord with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding. Those people who believe that everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everyone. Crevis – should I say that he’s the sidekick/friend/assistance of Ray. He symbolizes those people who believe that nothing is impossible as long as you will try. The only impossible thing is when you do not try. The other characters are not that so important so never mind to give some details about them. Also, if I do, my review will have some spoilers which I don’t want to happen. Though I know that sometimes it is inevitable.

Well, I guess that in every book that I had read I always got some moral lessons to live by. Suprisingly, I just don’t gained some moral lessons, but I also known God above all. I think it’s the most important lesson that one can get from a book.

I’m not selfish so I will share the moral lessons that the book imparted to me. First, we always think that our lives are miserable for we can’t get/have the things that we want. But you know the truth is – before we think that we are miserable, THINK AGAIN! There are other people who are happy and who feel so blessed by just eating three times a day, but we, we can’t just have the things we want and we think we are now miserable. What a mentality! Second, we should always value the things that we have and the people around us, for in just a blink of an eye, they can be all gone. Third, we are so blessed because what we have are the things that other people want to possess, so let us not be jealous. Fourth, we think that there’s no other way and everything is impossible. The visible truth is – there’s always a way for God will make a way when there seems no way. Also, nothing is impossible with God, for everything is possible. Fifth, let us put our FAITH in God. Remember, Faith can move mountains. Next, let us be Contented for what we have. Yes! You read it right. We always feel unlucky, incomplete, unhappy, unworthy, miserable, etc. the truth is, we only lack Contentment for we always think that we can have more. We desire to have more than what we already own which is utterly wrong. All we need to have is CONTENTMENT. Nothing more, nothing less. Seventh, know your friends, but know your enemies better. In this world of ours, we don’t know who are our true friends and who are our so-called friends, so always put your trust to a few for it is a better way to know who are your enemies. Trust no one except yourself and God. Eight, remember that God has a plan for everyone. Everything that is happening in our lives has a purpose. God will never give us hindrances if He knows that we can’t do it. Ninth, always Pray to God. Prayer is the most powerful weapon one can have against all adversaries. Lastly, let us put ourselves in God’s graces every moment of our lives. Let us put God first against all odds. Let God enters our hearts and gives us more blessings in order to direct our way. Remember, with GOD in our hearts, we will never loose Hope and we will see a bigger picture of our purpose.

Hope you enjoy reading my review. 🙂

God Bless. 🙂 😀



The loneliness I’m feeling right now is caused by your imaginary presence beside me. Waiting for you is like waiting for my dreams to come true. I don’t know how many nights or days had gone by cause my mind is too preoccupied by your face, your smell, your touch, and the warmth of your body. My insomnia was caused by you and you alone. My world revolves around you. I can’t think of any place better than being next to you. Our hands entangled with each other as we walk down the aisle. You are the reason for my whole existence. My whole life is dedicated to you. You are my life cause you complete the missing pieces of it. How I wish you also feel the same towards me. Without you is like having a life with no air to breathe for.

Highschool Graduation: Heyday

*reminiscing the old times*

I owe everything to God.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you dream it, you can become it.” – W.A. Ward

All of my hardworks for four years had been awarded by the recognition I had received: being the class Valedictorian. 🙂 😀 The happiness I saw on my parents faces are irreplaceable. Tears of joy flowed from my eyes. Really, one of the precious moments in my life.

“Cut not the wings of your dreams, for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul.” – Flavia

When I was a little kid, I really dreamt of becoming the first honor or the class valedictorian because I wanted to experience what it was like to walk on air. The pride they got from their friends, family, and for themselves. Such a priceless one!

Of course, like the old saying, “Everything starts from dreams.” Well, mine not just remained a dream forever because March 2010 was the month I had achieved one of my dreams. I graduated from highschool as the class Valedictorian. 🙂 Well, I did not achieved it on my own for my parents supported me all the way to success, and most especially to our Creator, God, for giving me the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and strength to do all things with greatness. Without them, I know I am nothing.

To bid goodbye to my Alma Mater was one of the toughest things to do. My cradle for three years which mold me for who I am today. But I guessed it was inevitable, for I believe that a person can’t stay forever in that place if he’s out to seek for the greater. Therefore, I had to say my farewell to PCA, and leave my promise that I’ll visit soon. To all my teachers who taught me not only the lessons from the book, but also the lessons of life, a big thanks. 🙂 You all made a bigger impact on my life and left a mark on my heart.

Probably half of the students who graduated from their primary, secondary, and even tertiary level cried as they bid goodbye to all their friends. Apparently, I did not cry for that reason because I believe that our paths will still cross even though we’ll study in different Universities, for in this new Millennium nothing’s impossible. There’s the cellphone, the internet, and a lot of ways to connect with each other. The reason I cried was because of the happiness I felt seeing one of my dreams transformed into reality. Probably one of my greatest achievements, for there’s a lot more to come.

This coming June, I’ll be on my Senior year in college. Can’t wait to walk on that aisle and receive my diploma. 😀 🙂

Thanks to all the people who made my whole student journey a memorable and remarkable one. Of course, a big thanks to God for never leaving my side, and for always holding my hands. 🙂

Had my own mottos now:

“Strive harder. Be better. Each day is a new beginning.” – Marielle

“Winning comes from the heart. Let your body, mind, and soul play the music as you dance with the beat.” – Marielle

“Born true blue blood. Raised as an archer. Growl as a tiger. Fight as a Maroon. Live with unity. Love as a tamaraw.” – Marielle


Soar High Batch 2010

Review for The Greatest Miracle: by Og Mandino

My Aunt lent this book to me. After almost 2 months inside my book shelf, I finally placed a hand on this super inspiring book. How downhearted I felt because of not reading it upon receiving it. This book was totally awesome. When I say awesome, not just the simple one, but AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you feel the music in your life is already out of tune, just grab this book and read it to know the hidden secrets in every tune of music that is present in each one of us.

Love is the greatest secret to live happily ever after.

So let us spread love and have a peaceful life.

I am highly recommending this one to all of you.

Because of my undying love for this book, I would want to share some lines or quotes that really inspired me. [Actually, each page of this book will lived a mark on someone’s heart because there’s magic in every page. So be ready to get inspired. Start turning the page to have a successful and happy life. 🙂

“Martyrs do not fail when their hearts cease to pump.”
“Only man, each in his own, has the ultimate decision on how his life is lived.”

Super like!!!!!!!!! 100 Trillion percent. 🙂

Holy Week: A Time for Penance

*Super late post*

The sufferings of Jesus cannot be surpassed by anyone else. He died on the cross to cleanse all of us from our sins. This is what you call agape love or the greatest love. Asking nothing in return. Let us not forget all of these as we continue to live our life given by God.

Eventually, after the Yuletide season, Holy Week is one of the most awaited holiday of my whole clan. Not only that it’s a long vacation, but it is also a chance for all of us to spend some quality time together. 🙂

We don’t spend our Holy Week in a bonggacious way like others do. We simply go to San Pablo Laguna and stay there until Easter Sunday. It’s a family tradition to have Visita Iglesia and do the Station of the cross.

This year, we didn’t go for the Visita Iglesia because last All Souls day, we already did. We just stick in doing the Station of the cross on Good Friday and Black Saturday. Also, we watched the movie “Ten Commandments” and we prayed the Angelus every 6pm. Of course, since it’s the start of summer, we swam in our own swimming pool, and watched some DVDs which eventually contained moral lessons and not violent acts for we sanctify the Holy Week. Some of my cousins went trekking, jogging, etc. Indeed, it’s a fun start of our official summer vacation.

I will never forget that Holy Week is a time for Penance. That’s why I know somehow this was nonsense for some of you, but for me this was a sacrifice though not as ultimate as yours. As an avid user of internet and ipod, happy to announce that I did not use both of it starting Maunday Thursday until the afternoon of Easter Sunday. Yes! I just opened all my mails, etc. on Easter Sunday, and used my ipod to listen to all my playlists that same day. That’s my sacrifice as a proof of all my repentance and after I did that, I realized that I can live without an internet for a week or an ipod for a day. But somehow in this computer-age life I can’t live for a week without internet for some important details, messages, announcements, etc. can be found by opening my mail, or other social networking sites. Still, as a practice, I try not to use the internet for two days every week since it’s vacation time here. 🙂

I just don’t ask for forgiveness and thank God every Holy Week, but I always do both of it everyday. For everyday I believe we all live in God’s grace.

Thank you everyone for allotting your time to read my precious post.

God Bless!

Review for Thirteen Reasons Why: by Jay Asher

Please take time to read friends. Definitely one of my favorite books.

“Suicide isn’t cowardly. I’ll tell you what is cowardly; treating people so badly that they want to end their lives.” – Ashley Purdy.

Suspenseful, eye-opener, breath taking book.

My Summary: The story is all about Hannah Baker, a highschool student who committed suicide because the society is fucking bad ass. Before she died, she recorded 7 cassette tapes which narrates the 13 reasons why she had decided to end up her life. Those simple things for others had a very big impact on her life.

My thoughts: Sometimes we don’t know that what seems a little action for us has a great impact or meaning to others. We don’t even care how they’ll feel; how others will feel for them; and most importantly, how the society will treat them after we do a prank to them, or after we do those “simple things or actions” that will satisfy our ego or feelings towards that person.
The only thing we care and want: ATTENTION. Yes, that’s right! We are all Attention-seeker. We long for Attention and we’ll do anything to get that Attention. When we get what we want, soon we’ll be popular and all eyes will be on us.
All those 13 people that made Hannah’s life miserable or wonderful are all seeking for attention. They all want to be recognized and made a name in their school. FBSBS!
That’s the problem with our world, we want all that cameras to be on our doorstep first-thing in the morning, and last thing in the evening. We don’t want others to snatch that from us, so it’s either we play the game dirty or we’ll just rest in our safe haven and be ourselves.

This book is truly an eye-opener for what’s the real world looks like. This gave the s*** the society deserves. And what was that? Our society is a big ball playground full of jokers. We all live in purely illusion. The only way out: to be extraordinary. To be ourselves and not longing for attention. To be contented for all the things and people we have.
We don’t need to mess up with others lives. We just need to be ourselves. Away from all those dramas, whores, bitches, cameras, etc. that dictate our every move.

I’m highly recommending this book to all those people out there who wants change and who wants to say goodbye to their annoying selves.

God Bless everyone.!

Review for The Gift of Acabar: by Og Mandino, Buddy Kaye

“Everyone’s life is a fairy tale, written by God’s fingers.” – Hans Christian Andersen.

Truly, Og Mandino was a magnificent writer!

The Gift of Acabar left my whole journey with tears from my eyes. Can’t even explain how many tissue paper did I use to wipe it. Such a touching and an uplifting story.

In this busy world, we often forget those simple acts to do, or those simple things to remember. We all feel that we are useless if we don’t achieved what others did. We pity ourselves until we lost our true purpose. We desire to have more to be better than others. Our little handicapped limits us to do what we want but the fact is: we limit ourselves to try other things for we want to do/have/etc. what others did/had/etc. We closed our own doors when opportunity knocked on it, for we were busy abandoning our own selves in the shadows of the dark feeling useless and unworthy of everything. Yes! We pity our own selves feeling miserable in this life until we realized that we had wasted our entire journey for nothing. Then suddenly, we’ll just die in a state of dilemma. We should not blame anyone or even this life. We should only blame ourselves because we’re the one making choices. If you can’t sing, then dance. If you can’t dance or sing, then act. If you can’t dance, sing nor act, then play instruments. If you can’t do all of that, then play basketball, volleyball, or any sports that would suit you. You can also write, cook, bake, etc. There’s lot of things and talents left unexplored. Why would you waste your time doing nothing, or why would you waste your time for that thing if you will shine bright like a diamond in other aspects. Maybe the possible answer I can give is that: We’re afraid not to be recognized in our own talents because we’re insecure to other people’s talents. Like, if you know how to sing, dance, act, play instruments, play any kind of sports, etc. you will be famous easily and suddenly rise to stardom. That’s why we’re busy pushing ourselves in that aspect because we want to be famous and be recognized with our talents. But think again! Is that the reason of our whole existence? To be well-known? Oh my gosh! If that’s what you’re thinking, then I’m sorry to say but you have to reassess yourself and search for your purpose. Because if you don’t, trust me, you’ll be nothing. Everytime you’ll fail, you will pity yourself for not doing it correctly the first try, so you’ll try and try until you’ll do it correctly. I know there’s nothing wrong to try again, but if that’s too much, then that’s not good anymore for during that time you were too busy with that, that you even missed a lot of opportunity that was really meant for you.

Well, I learned those things from this book. It was really inspiring, touching and an uplifting story. If you feel down or miserable with your life, then grab a copy of this book to change your views about life.
I’m highly recommending this book to all of you friends, and to all of you who badly needs encouragement right now.
Each page contained inspiring line/quote/sentences/paragraph so get ready to be inspired and changed in a better way once you start reading this.

Just in case you’ll decide to read this book, I would like to share some pages that really inspired me. Pages: 53,54,58,59,60,61,62,64,74,93-94, and the last part of page 114. Somehow I don’t know if we’ll have the same pages for the book that I had read was dated 1979 since it was lent by my aunt. But I believe those pages were only moved a little forward or backwards, or it remains the same. I hope so. 🙂

Happy reading friends.

God bless!!