Review for The Alchemist: by Paulo Coelho

Here’s what I think about The Alchemist:

We all have dreams. Whether it’s small or big, we still dream it. But I believe that there’s no small dreams, for all dreams are big. Of course, we all dream big. And I say “big dreams” because we can’t just achieve  those dreams overnight. It takes time, effort, and our whole being to do so. Sad to say, some people failed to achieve their dreams and feel contented with their life because they believed they already found their purpose. As time passed by, they will blame other people for their griefs and miseries. They will do bad things to them to have a little satisfaction and a little room for happiness in their life. Eventually, it will not last long, for those people will still continue in their lives. Of course, they (those people who believed they already found their purpose) will repeat the situation for there’s still the blood of vengeance within them. Until this will become a cycle. It will only end when those people in grief and misery will find a light within their hearts, or worst, if they will die. That’s the reason why there’s no peace in this world, because we can’t find peace within ourselves. Isn’t it ironic that we always pray for peace, yet we’re doing things that will not bring peace? We all lack one thing: We forget to search our souls first before traveling in this world. Once we experienced the greatness of life that was brought by human intelligence, we drenched ourselves to all those richness which are all pure illusion. We all want to have all those material things even though we don’t need them. We all want to see the world in its four equal parts and boast to all our friends that we’ve been there, we ate that, we’ve done that, etc. And then we will feel happy and contented for what we had achieved. (Honestly, if I’m also in that position, I’m good to die because I did what I wanted to do). But was it what we were destined to do? Was that really our purpose? Well, maybe yes because what a privileged it was to see the greatness of God’s creation. Bu what’s in-between those travel? That’s really our purpose: To see every aspect of each place and free our soul for all its longings and loneliness. To learn the joy of learning the secrets from the past of each place, and to leave a mark in each place. That’s our purpose. But we often overlook or ignore those aspect. What matters to us is the view in the front, without realizing the view in-between or in the middle.

And here comes The Alchemist to let us learn the language of the world; To help us recognize the in-between in the journey of life; to help us find our soul (though not that quite elaborate), and finally, to gain our believes in dreams. Don’t underestimate the language of the world, and the power of a dream.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

God Bless everyone.


Review for The Fault in Our Stars: By John Green

*super late post.*

Done reading this book last February and I already wrote a review for this one. Didn’t notice that I forgot to post it here. Well, as the saying goes by, “It is never too late for something great.” 🙂

How I love Augustus so much!

“Pain is probably the most exasperated to feel and hear in this world. Reality check: If we can’t feel pain anymore, it’s either we’re dead or weak.. Dead in the absence of our mind and soul, and weak because we refuse to be defeated by pain.” – Marielle de asis.

Bought this book because of all the positive ratings I saw, and my bookworm friends told me that it was a good catch during stressful and depressing times.

Lately, one of my relatives undergone an operation because she was diagnosed with cancer. I’m not sure if stage 4. Miraculously, she survived and now a devoted believer of God, and lover of alternative medicines.
It’s really true how a thing/person/sickness/etc. can change a person’s life if he/she is willing to take the stand. 🙂

Without even knowing for the first time that this was all about cancer(not until I started reading), I really felt goosebumps once I started flipping the pages. The nightmare of yesterday seems to haunt me, and I can’t help not to resist it. This book has a special connection in my heart for I know how painful it was to see your love one dying because of cancer.

I easily got hooked in the storyline and every detail about the characters. Everything was wonderfully created by John Green like a piece of puzzle put in its proper place to see the bigger picture of astonishing reality.

Okay, enough with all those things. Let’s go to the main star which is the book: The Fault in Our Stars. As I said, the storyline was great, No, I think it was perfect. 🙂 Can’t underestimate that one. Now, the storyline wouldn’t be incredibly great or magnificent without the main characters.
Hazel – so much of a strong girl. Personally, she symbolizes all cancer survivors who at first think that their life won’t last more for cancer can attacked anytime, but later on, realizes how important every second of the day, so they’ll spend it wisely.
Augustus Waters – OMG! Drool! How he was described was perfectly created. I love him so much, and can’t help but to fall in love with him everyday. Okay, I know it’s crazy, but that’s what I feel. Personally, he symbolizes those guys who are not just good-looking physically, but also mentally attractive and kind-hearted. Also, his other leg is just a prosthetic, therefore he’s not physically perfect. But who cares! That’s the essence of this book: To love beyond our eyes. Both Hazel and Augustus were not physically perfect, but they still accepted and loved each other for they believed that love can’t be felt by the eyes, but by the tenderness of the heart.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – the Fox to the Little Prince.

Now a days, we forget the essence of the message of the fox to the little prince. All that matter is physical attributes. We just set aside the important ones like values, attitudes, and even intelligence. Remember: Beauty fades but the character lasts forever which will speak what we became throughout our journey as time goes by.

Thank you everyone. 🙂

God Bless!