Review for Witch and Wizard: by James Patterson

Definitely one of my favorite books. 🙂

My Summary: Whit and Wisty Allgood were grabbed at the middle of the night in their own house by the guards of New Order being accused as a Witch and Wizard which will destroy the power of The One who is The One. They had been in different places, world, etc to escape the N.O, and to find ways to defeat it. Their adventures led to the ups and downs of their life, but in the end they realized their special gifts which can defeat the One who is The One: Their love for each other. 🙂

My thoughts: A really exciting book to read which will give your stomach the roller coaster it’s craving for. Truly, a suspenseful book to read at night and to the 4 seasons of the year. A great catch to those who wants an action-pack story, an immune system booster, and a wondrous adventure until the end.
Well, what would you expect to a genius like James Patterson. Of course, only the best. Each page will leave you hanging. You won’t put it down unless you are done or else you will miss the best part of the story.:)

Friends, what are you are waiting for! Grab your copy now and enter the magical world of Whit and Wisty.

Lessons Learned from Witch and Wizard: First, never give up. If whit and Wisty gave up, they’ll never find the resistance. Second, treasure every moment in your life for you’ll never know what might happen next. Third, give love to one another. You don’t know how powerful love can be. Fourth, it’s better to try and explore things rather than sitting in a corner and waiting for things to happen. Lastly, every obstacles in our life can be overcome by paying to God. No problem is bigger than God.

God Bless everyone! 🙂 🙂


Review for Kidnapped: by Dee Henderson

The title really captured my attention. (I can really feel that this book is pack with suspenseful actions, a little bit of mysteries, and romance.) Never heard of the author for I was never a fan of Christian books, not until I stepped into the Logos Hope book fair. I’m now a big fan of Christian books. 🙂

“Don’t expect too much for it will only lead to disappointments.”

That’s true for what I had experienced in this book. I mean through the title, I really expected a lot. But somehow I got disappointed. Nevertheless, this book is still a good one for I know that our opinions differ from one another. So let’s respect each others opinion. Thank you. 🙂

The storyline was obviously simple. The twists or suspense was just the way I expected it. I mean, seriously, I thought it would be a different one and the readers would take their time guessing what will happen next, or their reactions would be unrecognizable or shocked looks for those unexpected plots. Unluckily, it’s the other way around. My reaction was just a blank annoying face for I predicted all those scenes to happen. I’m really expecting a page-turner climax or a not-to-stop-reading-until-the-end. It did not arise my excitement contradicting its title which I found very interesting. (Okay, I know I’m just repeating some words/phrases/sentences. My apology. Time to stop now.)

In every book I had read, I always make sure that I gained/learned something from it.
Lessons learned from Kidnapped: First, never give up while we can, coz we’ll never know what will happen next. If Luke gave up, he’ll never find Caroline alive. There’s a lot of opportunity waiting for us so we should always try. If we don’t succeed at first, there’s always a 2nd time, 3rd time, and so on. Meaning there’s a lot of time to try, and no time to give up. So why would you consider the latter if the offer of the former is much better? 🙂 Second, love for others and for our family is the best one we can give. Caroline switched places with her sister because of her love for her, and for her sister’s family. Love is the most unselfish and priceless one that we can give to one another. It is given freely, and should be accepted wholeheartedly. Just like the love of God for each and everyone of us. According to John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Meaning, God sacrificed Jesus to save all of us from our sins. That’s what I really called “true love”. Giving your all yet you don’t expect anything in return, but just a simple “thank you”. Third, Faith will never leave us empty-handed. That’s the best thing I loved about this book. The Faith of each character to one another especially the faith of Caroline and Sharon’s family. That’s immeasurable. Their faith keep them alive. Fourth, determination will lead us to success. If we’re not determine(which I thought this one is similar to the 1st one, still I gonna write it) we will not achieve anything. Fifth, make friends with everyone but trusts only a few people for not all of them are genuine, some are waiting to destroy us. Just like Jason, he planned all of these to destroy Mark’s family in terms of their financial needs for he knows they are rich.(Though I know this one is inevitable for Jason is the president of the bank where Mark deposited his money.) But still, we should learn to hide some things. We can never know what will happen. Lastly, always Pray. Yes, that’s right. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we can use against all adversaries/hindrances/etc. We should always put God first in everything we do and never let go of Him once we already succeeded, for He’s always there for us until eternity.

Hope you like my review. Thanks everyone.
God Bless!

Review for The Blind Sight: by James H. Pence

My thoughts: Blind Sight opened lots of doors about religion, faith, and letting go of the past. It’s really worth reading, for every page will speak right truly in your own mind, heart, and soul. (Okay, I think that’s overreacting already, but that’s how I feel about this book.)

Characters: Peter Bishop – symbolizes all the father who will do everything for their children. Justine Bishop – a strong woman who’s not afraid to expose all the “cancer” of her organization. She’s the symbol of all the mothers out there who will standout for what’s right to have a better future for their children. Michelle and Micah – symbolizes all siblings who show their undying love, care, understanding, and hope to each other and to their family. Thomas Kent – a person who can’t let go of the past and continues to hurt himself by blaming him for what happened. Later on, opened up his heart and mind to leave the past and continue living his life for he knew his purpose already. He symbolizes all those people who at first always replay the past in their mind, and think all the things they should have done, say, etc. As a result, they’ll blame themselves for that nightmare. But after realizing their purpose or seeing the bigger picture of their lives, they finally walk into the light with a positive spirit. Dana – a symbol of every people who give their full trust to a friend which will only result either in betrayal or long-lasting friendship. MacAsland and Wynne – both symbol of those people who are greedy with power, popularity, money, and followers. People who wants idolatry of themselves for they believe they are their own gods. (Poor People). They are what I love to call Attention Seekers.

Lessons learned from Blind Sight: First,desire of powers, fame, money and followers will only lead us to walk in the wrong path. I know it’s not bad to have those things, but too much is not good. It will swallow our whole being, and soon we will find ourselves drowning in the pool of blackness unable to escape. Second, family is the most important in this world. Let us show our love, care and understanding for them because at the end of the day, being with them is the happiest feeling in this world. Third, false idolatry will lead us to be a servant of fake “gods” who will blind us to restore our faith to God. Warning: Watch out for fake “gods” and be careful with false prophets. [Now I’m becoming so holy]. Fourth, holding on the bad memories of the past will restrain our growth, and we can’t see our purpose. Sometimes some things should remain in the past, for they are where they belong: in the past. No need to bring them forever in our life because it will only be a burden for the fulfillment of our future. Fifth, Faith with God is the only thing in this world that is meant to last forever. Let us open our eyes, heart, mind and soul to see the bigger picture or the reality of God’s plan. Remember: God is always in control. Be patience. Desired things are the hardest to get for once handed with us, they were precious. There’s always a blessing. Sixth, fight for the right and never stops until it is finished. Lastly, share love to everyone for it is the most priceless and genuine we can give to each other. 🙂

Friends, grab your copies now and be inspired to live in God’s hands.
Thank you for reading. Hope you got something 🙂

God bless.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6