Review for the Hunger Games: by Suzanne Collins

What are you willing to sacrifice to save the one that you love? Are you willing to give your life?

Decades had gone by. The only ruling government now is The Capitol. Before, it was 13 districts; now only 12 remain in the battle of survival for their lives: The Hunger Games.

73 years had passed by, and there are only two victors from district 12 since the game begun. This year, will there be a 3rd victor from their district?

My thoughts: From the start, I already knew  that Katniss will win since the story started from her and her family. Also, she volunteered herself just to save her sister from the deadly battle, which was the first time to happen in district 12.

A story of love not only for your family, but also for other people. I really cried when Rue died. She did not deserve to be there in the 1st place because she’s too young; but that’s the rule: 12-18years of age are already allowed to join the game. Too inhumane, and deprivement of freedom.

This story showcases the importance of winning. Winning in its different colors.

First, winning to save your life. Second, winning to save your family from starvation. Third, winning for fame and power. Fourth, winning to prove that you’re the best. Lastly, winning to awaken all the sleeping hearts and spirits of all those unheard people.

For 73 years, they are all prisoners of The Capitol. The ruthless rulers of Panem.  And now, the time to fight for themselves begun when both Katniss and Peeta won. The first time to have two victors. The foretell of rebellion will now start to unfold.

Final thoughts: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! In our everyday lives, we all shout even scream for freedom. We all want it as if we still lack freedom in our lives. But what’s freedom? And freedom from what?

The word freedom can have lots of meaning depending on the person who will define it. For me, freedom is when you do all the things that you want without hurting anyone, and it’s in accordance with God’s teaching (not against the 10 commandments; Decalogue; or Scriptures).

Now, freedom from what? First, freedom from yourself. Why? Because we should first win the battle within us before we go out in the bigger world. Second, freedom from all those negative energy given by “sick people.” We should not surround ourselves with people who will just drained our whole being for later on, we will be droned in their control. Lastly, freedom from the government. It does not mean that we don’t get it everyday; but sometimes, some things shouldn’t be in their control anymore. Just like what The Capitol is doing to its 12 Districts. There’s no justice in there. They are already dictators. That’s the right time to stand up and fight for freedom.

Freedom is freely given, therefore, it can’t be taken by anyone.

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds forever be in your favor.

Hope all of you had a great time reading my post.

God Bless! 🙂