The Unity in Building A Hopeful Nation: Renewing the Spirit of Filipino People for A Better Tomorrow. All for One, One for All.

     I know that the title of this post is quite long. i apologize for that. 🙂 Anyway, the true essence of this post is to let the whole world know what they can still do for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. For those who are not still aware of it, here’s a recap:

     Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 5,235 people in that country alone. The thirtieth named storm of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season, Haiyan originated from an area of low pressure several hundred kilometers east-southeast of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia on November 2, 2013. (source: wikipedia).

     To know more about Typhoon Yolanda, just click the link:

     The catastrophic action brought about by Yolanda really broke my heart into pieces especially that the Yuletide season is just a month away. Every night, I always pray to God and thank Him for I am truly blessed. Blessed because I have a house to protect me from all the dangers in this world; I have my family who I can hug and see all the time; I have my friends; and I can eat everyday. These things are enough to let me see how wonderful life is. Also, these things can never be the same with the people who were affected by this typhoon because almost all of them were homeless; starving to death; and lost a family member. I’m wondering how they can still continue to live and enjoy life if they have nothing with them. All my worries about their situation was answered when I remembered that the strongest people in the world are Filipino people because they will never give up no matter how tough the situation is. Also, with the aid of other countries, we (Filipinos) are now starting to rebuild our Nation. Thank you for all the help and support we are receiving from all of you.

     The latest update about the situation in the areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda: The death toll from super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), which slammed across the central Philippines two weeks ago, has risen to more than 5,200, the National Disaster Agency said on Friday, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters ever to hit the country. The exact toll was 5, 209. Eduardo del Rosario, executive director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, said nearly 23,500 people were injured and more than 1,600 were still missing from the typhoon, which also displaced more than four million. About 12 billion pesos ($274 million) worth of crops and infrastructure were damaged. Most of the victims either drowned or were crushed by collapsed structures and trees, as storm surges six to seven meters high (20 to 23 feet) swallowed coastal areas of Tacloban on Leyte island, the commercial, education and government hub of the Eastern Visayas. Disaster agency officials said the death toll could still increase with only about 52 percent of the city of Tacloban cleared of debris. (source: abscbn news).

     With regards to this, once again, I’m asking for your help. Either you volunteer, you give cash or goods, it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy with what you are doing, and you know that you are capable of doing that thing. Let the spirit of Yuletide season be meaningful and magical. Let us give all the people a chance for a better tomorrow. Thank you very much. God bless!

Ways you can help:


Project Wheelchair




4. SM Cares has set up donation booths in all SM Supermalls in Metro Manila, South Luzon and Visayas for the benefit of the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda. If you have cash, medicines, blankets, clothing and/or canned goods to donate, please look for the Operation Tulong Express booths. All proceeds will be given to Caritas Philippines.

5. The Philippine Red Cross provides many ways to donate. Please call their hotline number (143) or trunkline (5270000). You may also send donations through SMS by texting RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart).

6. The Department of Social Welfare and Development is accepting donations at NAIA Chapel Road, Pasay City (at the back of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines office). Please contact Roel Montesa (09263469927, or Elma Pille (

7. World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian, development and relief organization is accepting donations for Typhoon Yolanda survivors. Please call donor hotline 372-7777.

8. ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya accepts pledges on these lines: (02) 411-0183, 411-0182, 411-0115. They accept relief goods and cash donations, with other drop-off points nationwide: Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

9. The Cebu Provincial Government, is in need of volunteers to repack relief goods for Northern Cebu, Leyte, and Bohol. You may contact Ms. Evelyn Senajon at 254-7198 and 254-8397 at PSWDO, Ground Floor Executive Bldg., Cebu Provincial Capitol.

10. ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter and life-saving supplies to families around the world who are affected by disasters. Donations are welcome through its website,

11. Save the Children is collecting donations through its website, Save the Children has a team on the ground in Tacloban working to respond to this emergency. They are focusing on blankets and mosquito nets for the affected families.

12. UNICEF is accepting cash donation online. Please visit


*Note: I’m quite not sure with the other hotline numbers if they are still in used. Anyway, kindly try it. Thank you so much.

*Note: For International Donors, kindly ask your local government where you can donate. Thank you very much.

*Other hotlines for help, just click the following links:

*Source for numbers 4-12:

*Source for numbers 1-3:

*Also, if you would love to donate books, that would be great since the typhoon washed away all the books.

Things to remember:

1.) DO NOT PACK NOODLES, RICE OR ANYTHING THAT NEEDS WATER. There is no water and electricity so it is impossible to cook this kind of food. Stick to bread, canned goods that are ready-to-eat and can be opened WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A CAN OPENER.

2.) PACK MEDICINE – most especially basic medicine (biogesic, bioflu, robitussin etc). Also if possible, include medicine for surface wounds as many have been wounded because of the debris and fallen rooftops.

3.) PACK AT LEAST ONE BOTTLE OF WATER. People are raging for water (some have even become violent just for water). There is no source of water at all in any part of Tacloban.

4.) PACK CANDLES AND MATCHES – there will be no electricity for a minimum of two months so all people will need these.

5.) ENCOURAGE YOUR RESPECTIVE GROUP/ORGANIZATION TO DONATE BODYBAGS. Bodies are lying around the roads within the city and some of the places have already been filled up with bodies.

Again, Thank you very much. God bless everyone. 🙂 🙂


Review for Catching Fire: by Suzanne Collins

The devastative action of Katniss and Peeta led to an uprising they did not know they started.
Mockingjay is a symbol of rebellion. Panem people named Katniss as their Mockingjay: Hope for a better future without the Capitol dictating them.
Girl on Fire: Awaken all the sleeping spirits of each district.

My Thoughts: Catching Fire left my thoughts hanging on lots of queries. It did not sustain my satisfaction for some degree because I felt that some parts were lacking on some scenes which I totally think should be written. (I just created some imaginations on my mind of the things I wanted to happen on the book). It’s like putting all the pieces of a puzzle altogether, then suddenly you realized that you can’t complete it because one piece was missing. Maybe I was just expecting more scenes which were action-packed, and more exciting. Anyway, still a good book, and I can’t wait to watch the movie to have some comparisons. 🙂

Lessons I Learned from Catching Fire:
First, you can’t save all the people in your life because in the end you still have to choose. It’s either you choose what’s best for you, or what’s best for them. Second, once you let yourself to be involved in a situation, the only way out is to have a better solution. Third, in our life the only power we all possess is the power of choice. We’re the one who can decide what we want. Whether we’re choosing that over another, or not. Fourth, love can cause someone to be blind. When we are in love, we can’t see the bigger picture of our current state. We are so lost in it that we often forget what’s our priority in life. It’s so nice to be in love, but it’s so unacceptable that our world revolve on it. Lastly, never leave your family without giving the assurance that you’ll come back for them. We might fall with them, but we can also climb the highest mountain with them.

God bless!

Review for The Casual Vacancy: by J.K. Rowling


– The catastrophic action caused by people who wanted revenge or power, living thousands of others homeless and broken inside.
– It can be seen in different forms: War between two countries, cities, states, or two places; war between families; war between teachers and students; political war; children against their parents; war between friends; war for fame, power, and for money; and the roots of all wars: War within ourselves. Isn’t it ironic that we all want to win the battle outside when the true enemy lies inside us; corrupting our souls and minds to destroy our whole being. We first need to win that battle before facing the real world.

My Thoughts: J.K. Rowling did not write about a magical world; instead, she wrote a scenario from a real world. Ravished and polluted as it was. Politicians were surely outrageous with this book, for their good-looking image had been stained. Each of us thought that one of the characters were put on our own shoes. Ironic isn’t it? Apparently, this book just showed what’s the real world.
Each characters were perfectly created, but the storyline itself was totally boring. I’m almost 300 pages and it was still on those issues. It was so blunt. Thanks goodness because the characters were really awesome. I mean they were not fantastically created, rather they were more of a real-life characters. :)Sadly, they all wasted their dreams for the life they all didn’t want. Looking back, they silently wished that it was all different. That all their lives were not stuck-up in their current state. (I remember The Alchemist. It’s all about following your dreams). Determined to follow their dreams, conflict arouse within each of them. The stubbornness, clumsiness, and silliness of each characters made the whole journey of The Casual Vacancy worth reading. 🙂

Lessons I Learned from The Casual Vacancy:
First, the word “regret” can’t exist if we do what we want, and speak up for what we believe. There’s nothing wrong with exploration, communication, and ideation. Second, bullying is almost the same as killing. Third, words are the most dangerous weapon in this world. We should take caution and think wisely before speaking or writing anything because the damage it can create can bring down an empire. Fourth, love starts in the smallest unit of our society: Family. Let us all spread love to each members of our family, and as parents, let us instill good values and knowledge to our children for them to do the same. Lastly, we all need this one: Understanding. Judging from our own perspective will only make the situation worse. Understand everything before bursting into anger, or before doing and speaking anything.

Honestly, you’re still one of the best writer ever Ms. J.K. Rowling. Thank you for sharing your talent not only to “Potterheads,” but to all of us as well.

God Bless.!