Wise Words to Remember

I just want to share some random thoughts to all of you friends.

I hope you will all be inspired. Thank you.

“You’re homeless, but not hopeless because we all have something to look forward.”

“You came from a broken family, but you’re not broken unless you choose to dwell in the shadows of the past.”

“Let’s build a home in every heart.”

“Before we lead a youth, we must first teach a child how to grow up properly.”



 I can feel the distance separating us.

The weight of each “hi” and “sorry.”

One minute we’re inseparable and now, we act like we don’t know each other.

Hearing your name or my name will only drain both of us.

There are no stars in the morning, but in my dreams you’re my only star.

The universe will conspire to help us rebuild our shattered friendship.