Review for Fireflies in December: by Jennifer Erin Valent

I think this one is not really a book review, but rather it’s my insight about the book.

The story taught me to love everyone no matter what race they belong, what their social classes in life, and no matter if they are normal or they have disabilities for God created all of us in His own image and likeness. Which I believe is absolutely true! We should not have that racial discrimination to overcome our own will. Racial Discrimination should be stopped right now or else the world will never escape the alluring power it has on each one of us.

The saddest part of the story is when the Lassiter were being attacked by the Ku Klux Klan for they let a colored girl to live together with them. I know that’s unreasonable but it’s the truth. We often looked down at people for how they look without even thinking that God created each one of us equally. Meaning, none of us is dominant to the others. So next time we’ll have that “racial discrimination” mind, let us pause for a while and think again. I know that we also don’t want to be looked down by someone for no one wants to be looked down.

Oh! How I wish I had a seventy-five year old friend like Ms. Cleta who’s so kind and generous. I want the smell of her baked goods and the softness of her candies. 🙂

Have a blessed day. God Bless 🙂


Review for Eleanor & Park: by Rainbow Rowell

Strangers turned into friends…Friends turned into lovers.

First love never dies…First heartbreak is the most painful one.


Have you been in love? How does it feel?

Did someone break your heart?


The crazy and playful story of Eleanor & Park is the best example of two teenagers falling in love for the first time. Truly, love is in the air.


Eleanor… came from a broken family; unique in her own way.

Park… has a happy family; remember her everyday.


Rowell wrote a novel which is very appropriate now a days. A very trending topic for most of the youth today: Love.

The only difference is: It’s not just only about love, but it’s also about letting go of the one you truly love.

Painful? Yes it is; but wait until you lay your hands in this book because it will tell you why it shouldn’t be a heartbreak.


I love how Eleanor & Park was written: Simple yet entertaining.


Point of View:

“Sometimes, happiest moment of our lives happens when we are in the company of unexpected people.” – Seasielle

Yes, in this world we don’t really choose our friends by knowing them personally; rather by their mere appearance, presence or status in life. If they’re pretty, popular or rich, we want them to be our friends or to be in a group that is usually known as “Circle of Friends.” Those “unlucky” ones are usually left with some sort of “losers” as what others called; or they are drown in their own world.

Usually, people who are introvert can express themselves better than anyone else because they’re the “quiet yet artistic” type of person. They view the world in its most unusual way. They need someone to lean on but always end up alone. They don’t care what others think of them (especially when they’re in their world); but in reality, they do care. They just don’t want to give the “crowd” the satisfaction they want. In short, “Haters gonna hate.”


In relation with this book, nobody wants Eleanor to be in their group because she’s big, red hair and she always wear clothes that makes her look more dumb. On the other hand, Park, being an avid fan of comics and The Smiths who doesn’t belong in the “it-crowd” has a normal life…not until the existence of Eleanor. The world turned upside-down for both of them. They became good friends —-> lovers —-> …. They showed that physical appearance doesn’t define who you are, rather what’s inside your heart is the most important one. They’re both lonely and longing for someone to understand them and to give them a warm hug; to say to them that everything will be okay. Luckily, they found each other.


Not everyone has the same story as Eleanor & Park. Some of us really discriminate other people because of who they are.

Reality check: No matter how often we read or hear “Stop Discriminating other people or that we’re not in the same road with them or we don’t know their story,” because in the end we’ll still hurt them. Human instinct, I guess.

How I wish that we just don’t ignore those messages; rather let’s do the act of kindness to understand and accept one another because all of us have our own battles in our lives. We are all warriors in a big and never ending arena called “Earth.” Let us do the honor to help others and not to be an additional burden for them.



This poetry is dedicated to all people who believe that in every endings, there’s always a new beginning.

The night was dark
I can feel the cold breeze of the wind
Disturbing the silence of the night
Unaware of tomorrow.

Making an unforgettable felony,
Living to elude the danger
Hitting barriers that is drifted apart
Silently whispering in every little ear.

Unknown of the yesterday,
Blinded by the present,
Tied by faith.

Comforting people’s mind,
Healing all broken heart,
Letting go of the thread that is full of sorrow,
Believing that another morning will come.

-Seasielle 🙂

(Posted this poem at Year: 2009)

Give up or Keep Going On?

When was the last time you cry? you smile? or when was the last time you wish you have a friend to lean on? I guess every day.

There’s always a point in our lives when all we need is somebody who understands our whereabouts. We are all warriors in a big and never ending arena called “Earth.” We can’t survive a day without asking a help from somebody.


There are times when I feel so dishearten because of the attitudes shown by some people when they are face with problems. They act as if there’s no tomorrow. Fact: We all have problems – big or small – but they all have solutions.

Some just cry; some can’t sleep because they are thinking for a solution; some change their behaviors or attitudes; while others choose to end up their own lives.

Do we really need to die? Is suicide a solution? Of course, No! When we choose to die, we are already giving up our own battle without even trying a fight. Problems can’t destroy us when our hearts pumped up to fight.

Before you give up, think why you even started.

Reminisce all the hardships that you had overcome.

Feel the love that you are receiving from others.

Look back from how far you are right now. You already come a long way.

Do you think one problem is enough to let go of all the pains and sacrifices you had endured from your journey?

Never give up for you don’t know how near you are from achieving your dreams.

Now, the choice is all yours: Give up or Keep going?

Hey, I Just Met Gayle Forman, and That Was Crazy!

*super late post*

18th of January was an ordinary day for everyone; but not for me because that was the day I met Gayle Forman. For those who don’t know her, she’s the author of the bestselling books – If I Stay, Where She Went, Just One Day and Just One Year.

It was my first time to attend a book signing event; therefore, I don’t have any friend as a companion for that day so my dad accompanied me. Upon my arrival, there were no more people at the registration table.

My book got number 385 – it only meant one thing – I had to wait for 384 people to get their books signed before I got my chance.

Luckily, during the event I met two people. We shared stories to each other; and when it was my book’s turn to be signed, I wore the biggest smile on my face. I hugged Ms. Gayle and gave her my “not-so-little-letter.”

Indeed, a better way to unwind from a very stressful week. I just added this one to my “moment-to-remember” bucket list.

Keep safe everyone. God Bless!


Finally 🙂


Power hug 🙂