Review for The Exquisite and Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinoza: by Rebecca Taylor

*Received an advance copy from the Author; In return, I should give an honest review.

“Sacrifices are part of our lives. It may be unknown for others, but in every little thing we do, we lose a part of us. And that’s sacrifice.”

The Exquisite and Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinoza has some similarity with Stephen King’s Carrie. (Carmen’s mother; her life; and how Carmen acted. Except the telekinetic power).

Honestly, I got bored when I was reading the first three chapters; but after three chapters, I can’t basically stop reading. I was so hooked. The introduction of Ray was perfectly beautiful. Unique character.

This book is so awesome. I love the title of each chapter (especially those chapters that depict The Seven(7) Deadly Sins).

What’s so interesting about “The Exquisite and Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinoza?”

There are tons of reasons why you should read this one. (Let me give you at least 5).

First, you will think that it’s just an ordinary story but it turned out that you were wrong. Second, you will learn how to indulge and to resist temptations in your life. Third, you will feel the pain and the memories of your past. (What’s the reason why someone did that to you or to other people). Fourth, forgiveness is the key to balance everything, and you will learn that it’s not hard to give. Lastly, you will gain knowledge that will help explain why sacrifices are the hardest to do, and why it’s an act of agape love.

Let me give a glimpse of each character:

Carmen – stubborn girl. Basically, a typical one until that day happened.

Ray – (I love him). His character let me understood something: “Not everyone who appears to be your enemy or ‘snake’ is really an antagonist. Sometimes, they are the ones who really care and love you unconditionally.” Remember: Looks can be deceiving.

Carmen’s Mother – always mad; crazy follower; and dwells in her past.

Daniel – lost soul that is searching for an answer. Basically, a happy kid.

The Balancer – mad; trapped to her current state; against her own will to surrender herself; and selfish.

What I learned?

First: Abusive/hurting actions caused by other people describes how dark are their past. We should not hurt them; instead, we should help them to heal and unveil what specific scenario is haunting them from their past. In that way, they can release and escape their traumatizing past or they can unload their burdens.

Second: Don’t think that you can’t love anyone. Because an act of sacrifice proves that you’re wrong.

Third: Temptations can be found everywhere and you can resist it by having a focus mind and a fighting heart.

Fourth: Not everyone that glows are light; some are lost souls.

Lastly: Peace and balance will only start when we allow ourselves to have it and give some to others. We can’t wish the whole world to have a perfect harmony we can’t try it first.

Basically, A Book-to-Read. Grab your copies now fellow bookworms.

Thanks for your time.

About the author:

Rebecca Taylor is the young adult author of ASCENDANT, a recently selected finalist for the 2014 Colorado Book Award. The second book in the Ascendant series, MIDHEAVEN, will release in 2014 and her standalone novel, THE EXQUISITE AND IMMACULATE GRACE OF CARMEN ESPINOZA, is now available.

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