Review for Where Rainbows End: by Cecelia Ahern

“Friends are forever, so are best friends. Lifetime commitment turned into everlasting. A very unusual story of love that started from Rosie’s time to Katie’s time” – Seasielle

The connection of each life’s story will surely capture the interest of its reader to finish the book until dawn.


Rosie Dunne – a carefree-minded woman who enjoys life to its fullest. She’s the best friend of Alex. Things changed for her at a very young age.
Alex Stewart – Rosie’s best friend who’s always there for her. Got his dream career.
Katie and Toby – the new Alex and Rosie.


Where Rainbows End is a whimsical novel for it was written in a form of letters, emails, chats, etc., not the typical kind of novels. (Story form. If you are aware of what I mean).
It was my first time to read a novel written by Cecelia Ahern, and I’m proud to say that she somehow exceed my expectations for a novel. I enjoyed reading every page and I think I’m in a relationship with this book. Genius author = Brilliant story.
Let me confess: I’m madly in love with Alex. The guy of my dreams. He is so perfect: Got a degree from Harvard; handsome; has a cool brother and awesome family; finally, Doctor.
Then immediately change the scenario for Greg. The most annoying guy I’ve ever known. Possessive and selfish or let me call him the weirdest evil creature ever alive.
Oh, sweet little Katie! I love her so much. My affection for her grew throughout the entire story. She had made a very clever decision to spend her life to the fullest.
Hooray for Toby! Spoiler Alert: He made a right decision to express his love to Katie.
Finally, the gallant Rosie Dunne. She never gave up to pursue her dreams to finish her studies; and to manage her own hotel (close to that one.) I think that’s something to look-up.

The fantastic journey of Alex and Rosie’s friendship is the best part; and the similarity it has to Katie and Toby. The magical connection of these four characters was really genius. Applause! Applause!
Another reason why I’m so intact with this book: Rosie’s parents spent some time to visit my beloved and most sought country for tourist spot: Philippines. Oh, and that: “Magandang Tanghali po. From Philippines.” Bravo!

Enlightenment from this book:

Today, teen-age pregnancy is a serious and growing problem in this world. I can’t really envisage how they can handle the responsibility to nourish and look after a baby. Teenagers for me should be enjoying themselves by engaging into various activities like: reading, writing, hanging out with friends, studying, recreational activities, etc. They should enjoy their lives for they are not yet aware how to give a convenient life for their little angels.
I’m not saying that they can’t pursue their dreams anymore because they became mothers at a very young age. Fact is: Some cannot continue their dreams because they are easily diverted of other things.
I just felt downhearted for them because at a very juvenile age they were deprived of their own freedom and happiness.

To abridge: Take extra caution of our actions. Take it easy. Life has so much to offer in store for us. Motherhood can wait and will always do.

Lessons I Learned from Where Rainbows End:

First, it’s never too late to achieve something.
Second, in God’s perfect time everything will fall into pieces.
Third, everything that’s happening in our life now happens for a reason. It has its own purpose.
Fourth, never give up to pursue your dreams. Keep fighting on. Let’s do what our heart really desire to. The battle is tough, but the end result is sweeter than ever.
Fifth, family is forever, so are best friends.
Sixth, don’t ever look back on the things you never achieved; instead, focus on the present day to paint a better tomorrow.
Lastly, always trust your heart. Don’t be afraid to say what you really want, think, or desire, as long as you are not hurting or you will never hurt anyone.
Well, as the famous song say: “Let it go.”

Hope you appreciated my insights about this precious book. Thank you.