Better than Perfect: by Melissa Kantor

“Accomplishing our aspirations and finding true happiness in oddly places is the real definition of life.” – Seasielle

Juliet. She has achieved everything in her life that everyone of us dreams to accomplish that’s why all her friends were shocked when she said she’s not happy. So what’s really the definition of happiness?

Will you be happy when you graduated from Harvard or Oxford with the highest honors and from an exclusive class? Will you be happy if you have your dream boyfriend? Will you be happy if you’re so talented, like you can play all kinds of instruments and at the same time you’re so athletic like you’re the best figure skater in your time? Will you be happy if your boyfriend is the most sought-of basketball player? Or will you be happy if all of these happened to you? Isn’t it splendid? You have everything in life now that everyone else wants to have. Or is happiness something that can’t be defined by all of these?

For me, happiness is something that can give us the freedom to do all the things that we love without hurting others and to live a day without hesitation of what others think of us because in this world, at the end of the day, it’s only between ourselves and our souls and nobody else.

Own thoughts:
I can relate in this book because I’m in search of my own happiness. I mean, I don’t have everything that Juliet has, but it’s not about those things; it’s about what my soul long to seek that is lacking in it and for me, that would be a long process at this time because I can’t just move a chess piece to whatever place I want since I need to repay things that I don’t remember owing to anyone which made it even harder for me than usual. I’m so glad Juliet finally cut the thread that is hindering her to achieve her own happiness by the help of Declan. It’s really true that to get out of our shell and search for our ethereal happiness, we need somebody to help us. I hope I’ll find mine sooner than expected because I’ve been drowning in the darkness for so long now.

Better than Perfect is really bland for me since the progress of the story is slower than what I’ve expected and it is only focused on Juliet’s life. The writing is not-so-good compared to other books that I already read. Not satisfied how the story went, though I must admit that I do admire Declan.

Lesson Learned:
Happiness is the same as contentment. We can’t find it unless we learn how to accept things that can’t be changed, and changed the ones that can be undone.

I don’t personally recommend this one since I did not enjoy reading it, but out of curiosity, you might as well grab a copy and see if for yourself.

Thank you everyone for dropping by to read my reviews. God bless.

About the author:
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Five fun facts about me:
1. The first time I ever kissed a boy, I made a complete fool out of myself. Right before we kissed, the boy asked, “Have you ever kissed anyone before?” I said, “No. Have you?” He said, “Yes.” Then I said, “Oh, I forgot. I have too.”
2. I’m a Capricorn.
3. I used to unbend a paper clip and put it on my teeth like a retainer because I wanted braces.
4. I didn’t learn how to make a grilled cheese sandwich until I was in college. (Does anyone know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich? They’re actually kind of hard to make!)
5. I failed Spanish.
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In the midst of storm: Lang Leav’s book signing event

Attending book signing events has been my hobby ever since I met Gayle Forman; though I’m not present at every author’s signing because I’m not fond of their books.

In a tropical country like Philippines, we only welcome two types of weather: Sunny and Rainy day. We expect rainfall starting the month of June usually until the month of November; so it’s very rare for our country to experience a storm during the month of December since it’s already the Christmas season. Cold weather can be felt throughout the country signaling that the birth of Christ is already near, that’s why most of the bibliophiles were shocked that a storm is currently covering the Philippines exactly the same dates when Lang Leav will hold her book signing tour.

My parents especially my dad(since he’s the one who falls in line for me) were hesitant to allow me to go to Lang Leav’s book signing event because weather reports all over the television and newspaper reported that a storm is currently all over the country. I prayed that the storm will calm down on that day, and it happened.

The book signing of Lang Leav took place at Shangri-la Plaza Mall which is very near in our place of residency that’s why my dad was number ten (10) in the line. Wow, finally after how many book signing events! But then **** happens to everyone so that number ten (10) turned out to be number forty (40) all because of me. I arrived late at the said event and my dad was so furious about it because he woke up early and fought the rain just to arrive at the said book signing tour. I said sorry too many times to him and treated him in Figaro and Wendy’s.

In this particular book signing event, I did not get a chance to talk to Lang Leav because of lacked of time that’s why I can’t say a thing except that she looks so lovely that day with her Chinese eyes. Also, I don’t like the lighting in that particular event. It’s so dark that my eyes had a hard time adjusting to it. In going home, since we did not bring our car, it took us more than forty five(45) minutes before we rode a cab.

I’m just so happy because the said book, Lullabies (since this is her only book that is allowed to be signed) is my gift for my sister. #sisterhoodforever

All in all, I noticed one thing: No storms can hinder bibliophiles like me to come to a book signing event especially if it’s our favorite author. In this particular event, I learned to value my time even more and to show my gratitude to my dad more than ever.

P.S. I know this is overdue that’s why I’m sorry. I’ve been very busy with my work.

Shake hands with Lang Leav


Leav’s signing my book :))

An Epic Night to Remember: Escaping Reality and Going to Dreamland Even Just for A Night -June 24, 2015

Dinner had never been so good even since I started working so after a year and a month of undying service, thank you to my best buddies for accompanying me to have a time-off to my usual meal.

Immediately when the clock strike at 6:00pm, we left our office tables and rode a tricycle (for those who are not aware, it is a type of transportation with 3 wheels. The one you can see on road. Sorry I’m not good in describing this one), and drop us off at our destined restaurant.

Our first stop: Gostoso Piri-Piri Chicken. This particular place offers Chicken as house specialty, but not your ordinary one since it’s Piri-Piri or best known as Peri-Peri that originated from Portugal. We all agreed to order Piri-Piri meal which costs 280. It comes with a side dish and an ice tea and once you’ve tasted it, it’s so worth it. I swear. We all love the food, the ambiance and the place itself since it’s not overrated so the place maintains it solemnity. I love the decorations and I love the freedom of choosing your own sauce for the chicken 🙂 Out of 5, I’ll give it a 3.9 rating since I somehow dislike their service and the service charge that comes with our bill. Quite pricey.

After we had our awesome dinner, we started walking for our second destination. It’s quite far from Gostoso’s place that it almost took us 5 -10 minutes before arriving in our second food quest. :)))

Second destination: Cab Cafe.
Dessert time everyone 🙂 Reading some reviews from the Internet, we are so curious to have a taste of their cakes. The place is somewhat cozy for me: typical Coffee shop arrangement and lots of people hanging-out there like it’s the infamous Starbucks. I ordered Strawberry Shortcake since I’m a die hard fan of Strawberries; my companions ordered Mango Cheesecake and pavlova. Not worth for your penny because honestly, we were not satisfied. We were so disappointed! Mine is worth Php 95 while mango cheesecake is the cheapest at Php 89 and pavlova is the most expensive at Php 130. Out of 5, I’ll give it a rating of 2 since the ambiance, the air conditioning and the cakes are not all good. Won’t recommend and won’t go back here.

Before the Night Ends: Epic Coffee Roastery. Finally, after how many months, I got to taste their ice cream. Actually, it’s not their specialty but my penny that time is not enough for a frappe. My companions both ordered coffees and they were satisfied. Worth their penny according to them. For the ice cream, I ordered salted caramel since according to them, it’s their house specialty. I do honestly love it. The ambiance, the staff and everything about this place is so cute. I would definitely recommend this one. Rating: 3.5 since I haven’t tried their frappe which according to the reviews I had read is their bestseller.

All of this cool places can be found in East Capitol, Pasig City; so once you’re near in that place never hesitate to try all this restaurants or try to explore others. Thank you.

God bless!

The design in Gostoso

Piri-Piri meal 🙂 Worth your dime

Strawberry Shortcake. @ Cab Cafe

Fave Place for that night 🙂 #SoEpic

One word: Love. :))

City of Flowers (Baguio City): Forever Summer Capital of the Philippines

Ever since I started working, the only time where I can go somewhere during summer is through company outing. Last year, our company went to Tagaytay Highlands; this year, we went to the one and only summer capital of the country: Baguio City.
Almost all of us suggested this idea to our boss just last March 2015. We can’t believe that she made our dream come true (actually, their dreams since I’m not fond of Baguio).
As an HR specialist, I’m the one who’s assigned to make a concept regarding our upcoming team building. I started generalizing ideas first week of May, Thursday to be exact, and finished that same week (Friday) as well. Bought all the needed materials two (2) days before our company outing; and made an itinerary the day before our excursion. I don’t know if I still got enough sleep since I’m not only doing those tasks.

May 22, 2015: This is it. At exactly 5:00am, the first van left our office. Our van and the second one left around 6:15am.
What a nice time to travel! No traffic in EDSA and Mr. Sunshine was greeting the world with a smile. Had our first stop over at Petron gas station somewhere in North already (don’t know the exact time of our arrival anymore).
Then, around 10:00am, we arrived in The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. We attended the mass but sadly, it was the Homily already. Afterwards, we ate at Chowking since it was the nearest one that we found.
Time Check: 11:45am, we left the said place and started traveling to Baguio.
SCTEX or TPLEX (sorry I’m not really sure) really did a great job because travel time going to Baguio was extremely reduced compared to the last one I had last 2004. We chose Kennon road since all of them wants to have a photo op in the not so famous lion’s head. Unfortunately, at the time of our arrival, it’s under renovation so photo op failed. 😦 What a wasted opportunity for us.
Anyway, at around 2:30pm hello Baguio. Our company rented a house called A.C. Asistin Transient House which is located near Burnham Park and other famous landmarks. In short, we were at the heart of the city.
The said house has six (6) rooms, four (4) which is located downstairs and two (2) upstairs; and has four (4) bathrooms, three of those is located downstairs in which the other one is located near the other room, and one bathroom upstairs. The place is good, but I won’t recommend it if you really want to enjoy and experience your stay in Baguio.

Here’s where we’ve been in Baguio (in case you want to know, and yes, I’m proud to say that we did everything in our itinerary).

Day 1: May 22, 2015
Places We visited:
10:00am – The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan
Around 2:00pm – Lion’s head
3:30pm – Botanical Garden
4:20pm – Good Shepherd
5:00pm – The Mansion
5:05pm – Wright Park
5:10pm – Photo Op with prince (the not so famous St. Bernard)
5:45pm – Burnham Park (boat ride)
6:30pm – experience the first ever fog that Baguio City could offer
7:00pm – dinner (home-cooked)
9:30pm – team building
11:30 – free time (some went to the Night Market even though it was raining).

Day 2: May 23, 2015
6:00am – breakfast
7:00am – travel time going to strawberry fields
8:30am – strawberry fields
9:30am – travel time going to Camp John Hay
10:30am – Camp John Hay (went to Bell House, Cemetery of Negativism and ate at Choco-late de Batirol)
2:00pm – Mine’s View
3:00pm – lunch
4:00pm – 7:00pm – we just slept since it was raining very hard and we were so tired.
7:30pm – dinner (Good Taste Cafe: won’t eat here if ever I’ll be back in Baguio)
9:30pm – free time (some of them went to the Night Market again)

Day 3: May 24, 2015
7:00am – breakfast and went to Baguio Cathedral for Sunday Mass
8:00-9:00am – Sunday Mass (Baguio Cathedral)
10:45am – Burnham Park (biking)
12:00nn – Burnham Park recreational center (skating, rides, etc)
2:00pm – went back to Asistin Transient to pack our things.
3:00-7:00pm – travel time going to Pangasinan
7:00pm – dinner (Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant)
12:00am (May 25,2015) – arrived at our office.

It was a great time to go in Baguio since it was really foggy and a good timing to unwind.

Thank you for reading. God bless.

P.S. Sorry I don’t really elaborate what we did on those certain places since it will take forever, and mostly, we just had our photo op.


Our Lady of Manaoag 🙂

The view in Our Lady of Manaog :))

Botanical Garden

Good Shepherd :))

Burnham Park

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Ice Cream #bestofBaguio

View #CampJohnHay

Choco-Late de Batirol

House Specialty of Choco-Late de Batirol #failshot 😦

Beautiful 🙂 @BellHouse

#Adventure @CampJohnHay

Dinner time #notworthit

Treats from Baguio #GoodShepherd