Organization For a Cause

Hello friends!

Seasielle wants to share a wonderful idea to all of you. If you’re residing in the Philippines and has talents you want to share to others, you’re the person she’s looking for.

She wants to establish an organization which will extend its hands to those talented people out there to participate in this one and help spread the good news by sharing God’s gift for free.

Yes, it’s for free since the main goal of this is to teach those kids who can’t afford to enroll in schools that culminates ones talent.

Everyone is welcome to join this soon-to-be organization as long as it’s okay for you to share what you have without getting any monetary in exchange except that you can see those people with a smile on their face.

What talents can you share?

You can share your talent in the following fields:




Drawing and Painting

Playing instruments


Reading (sharing the wonders and teaching children how)

Sports (i.e. basketball, volleyball, etc.)

Cooking or Baking

Being Creative (making something special out of nothing, etc.)

Who are qualified to join?

Everyone is invited to join this one. No age limit as long as you’re talented and willing to share your time and talent to others for free every weekend at around 2:00-5:00pm, you can join. But for kids and teens out there, it would be pleasant if you’re already 13 years of age. Though this is somewhat repetitive since I already wrote this part at the beginning except for the time and day.

Are the materials provided?

As for this one, the teacher (the one who will share his/her talent) as well as the students are advise to bring their own materials since the soon-to-be organization doesn’t have any funds yet to provide all the needed things.

Therefore, it is open for donation and venue since it has no home yet. Kindly contact Seasielle through the following:




Thank you for your kind consideration and hoping to gain more people in order for this dream to become a reality.

God Bless!


Finding Our Way to a Fantastic Treat: Kitchen Diaries and Epic Coffee Roastery

The changing weather in the country is really unpredictable. I don’t know what’s worse: rainy day or sunny day. Rainy days during the first week of August felt so unreal since it’s not helping at all. What a nice greeting for the start of a new month.

My sister and I decided to order some food to cope up with the rainy weather last Wednesday (Aug. 5). Since the rain is pouring heavily, and since the delivery charge is so unreasonable, we prayed that the rain will slow down or will stop, and yes, it happened. Thank you.

At around 8:00 in the evening, we decided to get some ice cream at Paradis Kapitolyo (Yes, we’re weird and we’re proud of it). We really want to get a scoop of an ice cream since we got upset of our dinner. Sadly, upon arriving to the said place, it was closed. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or it is closed for good. Well, I prefer the former since I really want to get a taste of their natural ice cream.

Moving on, we decided to have a frappe at Epic instead since we didn’t get a chance to taste it the last time we’ve been there. Upon arriving, the soothing aroma of its coffee is really revitalizing and welcoming. Feels at home. 🙂 I ordered Strawberry frappe and my sister got Epic Specialty frappe.
When we finally had our order, we decided to finally go home since the weather is not that good as well. Luckily, while we were walking my sister saw the signage of Kitchen Diaries Cafe. We don’t know how to go inside since it’s located at the second floor of an establishments. I think we were so blessed because we saw two people outside and asked them where’s the stairs going up. They accompanied us since there’s a dog barking (Yes, a dog inside the cage). Our hesitation to go were really high since we were both afraid of dogs that’s not our own pet. But then, we were already there so we faced our fear. The stairs of Kitchen Diaries Cafe is so adorable. When we reached the place: the scenery, the ambiance and overall interior is really awesome. If you’re one of the selfie-ready people, this place is a perfect get-away for you. Bring your cameras or smart phones and capture the moment. Our regrets since we did not bring anything aside from our money. Anyway, we’ll surely be back in this place.

Upon arriving, we sat in the corner near the window and placed our order. Scanning their menus, I made up my mind and ordered pancake (solo) while my sister also got the same though she ordered twin. We spent Php 245 as far as I remember. Before we leave, we were so surprised because they gave us cupcakes which is their specialty because they’re known for making delicious delicacies. We chose Chocolate Oreo and Chocolate Chips. It was so nice of them to do that good act for us.

Personally, I like their pancake and of course, their cupcakes. Worth the price.

Anyway, if you want to visit these awesome places, just go in East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City and surely you will find these must-try food places.

God bless!


Taken at our house. Sorry I just deleted the individual pictures.