Dazzling Sparks: Meeting Kate Evangelista For The First Time

It was an ordinary Sunday – the heat of the summer sunshine can be felt in the midst of “ber” months, truly, an effect of global warming.

Yesterday (October 25, 2015), was a magical moment full of sparks. Why? Because I met the author of Til Death and Savor for the first time, Kate Evangelista.

Let me tell how this wonderful moment happened.

Kate is my friend on facebook (FB), and she invited me to this event. Yes, I was so shocked that an author just sent an invite to me (though it was not only meant for me alone, since bunch of people were also on the guest list, but still, I considered that one precious).

I immediately told my parents about it, and they said “Yes, you can go.” Of course, they accompanied me. Big thanks for having such supportive parents.

Wait, what’s this event by the way? Let me give you a glimpse.

It was entitled Sparks Book Launch, under the publication of Anvil Publishing House. This is the first time that Anvil would launch books under the genre of Romance. What made this more exciting are the authors they included to capture reader’s interest. These authors already proved something on their writing career and truly, will mark the start of romance publication for Anvil.

I arrived at the said event at 3:45pm. Thought there were many people, but to my surprised, I only see few. Estimated count: forty (base on my observation). I got to seat at the back row since I don’t want a long walk. The event started at around 4:45pm, if I’m not mistaken. Mina V. Esguerra was the emcee of the said program. Each author were introduced and they read an excerpt from their book. Audience were privilege to raise a question for each author; after that, almost twelve (12) people from the crowd went home with a loot bag prepared personally by the authors. Lucky them.

And the most awaited part came… Signing of books.

I’m number nineteen (19) but it felt like I’m at the end. Lol. My turn came. I got a chance to hug Kate Evangelista and thanked her personally for the books she donated for Books For A Cause (the organization I’m currently belong). She’s so stunning and really awesome. Such a person to admire.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my parents for being my companion. You both rock! I love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything! 🙂

God bless everyone.


With Ms. Kate Evangelista and her Mom, Savor signed with Kate and her while she’s reading an excerpt from Savor.