First Jail-themed Restaurant: Caffè Piansa

It has been my hobby to watch this TV show every Saturday entitled PopTalk. This show is all about giving verdict to different places, restaurants or food establishments, gadgets and all things that can be rated.

I’ve been watching it for a year now, and thanks to this show because my list of to-try food establishments are growing bigger and I’ve been only crossing maybe three or four places that I’ve already tried. 😦

Last Sunday, November 15, I’m supposed to hang-out with a friend, sadly, she got an emergency. Perfect! Now, I asked my parents if we can finally try this first Jail-themed restaurant in Marikina, since a year has already passed from the day we’ve watched it on PopTalk.

Caffè Piansa: The first jail-themed restaurant opens daily from 10:00am to 2:00pm and from 5:00pm-10:00pm. It is located ate: 57 Dragon St., Midtown Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina City.

We got lost finding the said place since it’s our first time and it’s almost 6:00 in the evening. Luckily, when my father asked one tricycle driver about the location, we finally made our way to the said place.

Before going at Caffè Piansa, I already asked for a reservation to be seated at a table inside a cell. My mistake: I forgot to ask the nearest landmark of their place.

Upon arrival, we got seated at a four seater table, and inside a cell. Yehey! The waiter who is wearing a costume of a jail guard welcomed us warmly. Plus points for that one.

We ordered all the food they served during the visit of Poptalk 🙂

For the Forcible Entrèe, we ordered Buffalo Wings.
For the Adulterous Salad, we ordered Feta and Citrus Salad.
For their Execution Pasta: Gas Chamber
For their Wheel of Torture(Pizza): Wheel of Torture #2 (16inches)
For their Chicken: Cordon Bleu
For their Seafood: Prawn Thermidor

Guess what? We came very hungry, but when we left, our stomach were happy.
I’m so satisfied with their food. Everything was perfectly made. The only thing we found disturbing: they prepared the food once you ordered it, but once they served it to you, it’s already cold. Don’t know the reason. I mean, we waited for how many minutes to receive our orders, so we expected all of it to be sizzling hot, but unfortunately, all of the food were cold. Anyway, it doesn’t affect the taste. Still, yummy and to-die cravings.


I’m highly recommending this First Jail Themed Restaurant to all of you readers and friends. Not only because of its theme, but mostly because of its uniqueness when it comes to their menu and most especially, because of their food.

For more details, you can visit their Facebook page:

Thank you.


Our view :))


Forcible Entrèe: Buffalo Wings.


Adulterous Salad: Feta and Citrus Salad. #MustTry #Winner


Presenting their Execution Pasta: Gas Chamber 🙂 #TakemeHome #Yummy


Goddess of SeaFood: Prawn Thermidor :)) #MakesomePrawn #Hot


So you call this Torture? Well, let me make it a habit then 🙂 16 inches of tortue 🙂 #Torturehasanewmeaning #Pizzatime #Partytime #Mayforever


Cordon Bleu, will you marry me? #ADefinitelyAwesometreat


I shall return :)) Lol


Watch out! You might be a star #View


What a Unique concept #Innovative #Ideas #Love

I might want to summarize this whole trip as: Coolness Overload 🙂

P.S. sorry for the low quality of pictures.


Delightful Experience for an Awesome Treat: Kuya Jun’s Colorful Cake (Sapin-Sapin)

I was browsing the Internet to look for a unique, delicious yet affordable cake for the upcoming birthday of my mother. I discovered lots of Cake shops that really offer unique and delicious cake, but sadly, they’re quite expensive, and most of these shops are located in Quezon City. It’s somehow far for where we’re residing, so it’s a big “NO.” I was about to give up and just settle for either Goldilocks or Red Ribbon when “Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop,” suddenly popped up on my wall. (Blessings in the skies, I think). I immediately scanned its FB page to browse for its cakes, price, location and reviews of those people who already tried their works. I’m amazed that most of the reviews were five out of five stars. Wow! Upon checking their cakes, I’m shocked that it was really their own and one of a kind. Why? Because they’re offering flavors that are truly loved by “Pinoy” like me.

Specialty and Best-Selling:
Yummy Yema
Sapin Sapin

Well, I ordered Sapin Sapin Cake since you can already have a taste of not just one, but three (3) flavors of their bestselling cakes. The first layer (top) is Yema flavor; the second layer (middle) is Pandan latik and the last layer (bottom) is Ube Yum. Price: Php 499 Delivery Charge: Php 50 or 10% of the total bill (whichever is higher).

Our (I and my family) experience:
The richness and creaminess of its icing is definitely a pop factor. The Ube flavor is a must try. The Pandan latik is somehow good but has an aftertaste. Finally, the yummy Yema is a taste-to-die-experience. Though, it’s the lesser layer of the cake (maybe because it’s their bestseller).

Overall Experience:

I must say we’re satisfied and will recommend Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop to our friends if it’s all about the delicacies they’re offering.
Price: Pop
Food: (Sapin Sapin Cake) Pop
Delivery Time: not pop since we’ve encountered a problem. Told the personnel that the cake should arrive at exactly 11am, but to my dismay, it arrived at around 11:45am. We even thought that our order won’t be delivered anymore. (Maybe it was because the delivery man had a hard time finding our place since none of our neighbors ever tried this bakeshop. So, understandable.)

To know more about Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop, visit their Facebook page:

God bless!


Sorry for the low quality of camera and poor editing skills of yours truly 😦