Love Yourself: Story of My Life

I’ve been alive in this world for almost twenty three years; I don’t have any companion except my family.

My mother carried me in her womb for nine months. Her body figure changed; her lifestyle changed; and her priorities in life was way different now. She spent countless nights just to comfort me so I can have a goodnight sleep.

My father worked all day just to give all the extravagant gems in this world to us. He doesn’t mind if he already eat his meal; if he doesn’t have any new clothes; and if his dreams were shattered just to raise me and my siblings.

Life was not easy for us and as I grow older, I realized how blessed we are for all the things that we have right now.

When I was a little kid, whenever I got home, Mama is always there to welcome me. She already cooked pancakes not only for me but also for my siblings. She always helps me change my clothes to a comfy one. After eating, she will teach and guide all of us with regards to our homeworks.

Growing up in this family is not easy. It’s not just because of financial needs, but also my inability to do normal things, which became a real hindrance. I was born with a congenital heart disease. As a newborn baby, doctors told my parents that without undergoing an open heart surgery, I won’t be able to walk, talk, eat, stand, etc.. That’s why they became too aggressive to let me undergo an operation. Unfortunately, it was not a success due to long queue and to the inefficiency of our government.

It was never easy to live this life. By any means, I’m the real example of anti-social since I can’t have extraneous activities on my calendar. I’ve never got a chance to interact with people and attend their parties nor to find real friends. I was bullied until High School that’s why I don’t have that huge circle of friends.

Things change drastically. I became mean, boastful and aloof because these will protect me from notorious people. I never knew that it was my attitude who turned people down to communicate with me. But it didn’t matter since I’m always an introvert and anti-social girl.


Whenever I see my parents arguing because of financial instability, I always say to myself that one day, “I will help them.” Even though I’m handicapped, I did excel in my class. I finished my intermediate, secondary and tertiary education with flying colors. Of course, it was never a piece of cake.

When I was in lower school, my classmates will always bully me: either by physical abuse or verbal one. I didn’t fight back since I was too weak. Whenever I come home, I will cry and tell it to Mama, sadly, she can’t do anything about it. I was never immune of every actions and words they inculcated in my mind. My self-esteem became -1000% because I was so traumatized.

During year seven (first year high school), I thought everything will be in order since it was a new environment, new faces, new mentors and new road ahead. Truly, the odds were really in my favor since the people there were more notorious compared to my lower school classmates. I spent one year of hell in a cage full of lions and snakes. Good thing, I survived. Year eight-ten, made a difference though I was still bullied, I’m still lucky that I found true friends during that period.

University or should I say College life was even harder for me since the distance of my residence going to my school is almost from Japan to South Korea (slight exaggeration). Amidst to my rights, I became irregular student which means I won’t be able to wear my toga on time. And then unexpected twists of Fate happened – that moment changed my belief with God. I wore my toga on time and graduated with a Citation Award. Yes, I’m not a Latin Awardee, but it doesn’t matter since God blessed me more than I’ve expected.

You know who’s behind me in every struggles I’ve encountered? None other than my family. Yes, my parents and my siblings supported everything that I’ve been through. Without them, and without God’s Divine Intervention, all of these won’t be possible.


I know, I let the world know what my life looks like, but it’s not the whole picture here. What’s the catch all about? Here are the reasons why:

First, bullying is a serious problem now across the seven continents; and it became more severe and wider because of the rise of Social Medias. In just one click, you can now hurt strangers. Let us stop bullying because it is traumatizing and it can lead to suicide.

Second, don’t complain just because you can’t have all the extravagant things in this world; instead, be thankful. Your problem is just a petty one compared to those who are struggling to live.

Third, NEVER use your disability as an excuse not to do amazing things. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t sing, then dance. If you can’t hear, then write. There are lots of things to do and explore. Don’t ever let one handicap be the end of your dreams.

Fourth, ALWAYS MAKE TIME AND EXTEND YOUR PATIENCE TO YOUR PARENTS. Remember, when you were young and still struggling, they’re always there to help you stand and to teach you endlessly how to hold a pencil and write your own name.

Fifth, ALWAYS MAKE GOD THE CENTER OF YOUR LIFE. Don’t forget to pray and walk in His light.

Sixth, never hesitate to give and to share something to anyone. At one point in your life, you also never had that one.

Lastly, may the change that you want starts from you in order to spread peace and love to everyone.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I do enhance my talent through writing. Yes, I do write stories though most were still unfinished, but there are few that were done. I’m just saying this because even though extraneous activities were not allowed for me, I still found a way not to let my disability wins.

Thank you for dropping by. GOD Bless!