Since You’ve Been Gone: by Morgan Matson


“Don’t be afraid to do something you’re not used to. Taking risks are the best part of one’s life.” – Seasielle

Best friends forever – words that we usually say to our closest friend ever that sometimes we feel that he/she is a part of our family more than ever; but what if one day, your best friend just disappeared and all she left behind is a to-do list? What are you willing to risk just to see him/her again?

Since You’ve Been Gone is a self discovery story about how far are you willing to let go and to sacrifice for a person that you love.


Sloane, the best friend of Emily just disappeared without saying any word to her. She just left a to-do list.

Emily, upon receiving the to-do list was in doubt at first; until she decided to give it a try if it’s the only way she can have Sloane back.

With an unexpected help from Frank Porter, Emily faced her fears and learned to let go of her insecurities as she unfolded all the activities written under the to-do list.


I like the way Since You’ve Been Gone is written: very light, yet an appealing one.

We all have that kind of best friend who always push us beyond our boundaries; letting us do crazy, yet unforgettable stuff. Those things that we never thought we would do in our lifetime, but ended up fulfilled because we achieved something that we can be proud of.

Upon reading this book, I remembered my best friend; we’ve been friends ever since we were in lower school, and maintain our communication through social media. Unfortunately, we stop seeing each other last 2014, though I still leave a personal message to her Facebook and other social media accounts. It just goes that way: communicating through social media, yet no bonding moments. I honestly missed all the things we’ve done together, and those we should be doing right now. I really felt connected to Emily because her fierceness, and courage radiates as she completed the to-do list just to see Sloane back. If I’m in her shoe, I’m also willing to do such things if it is the only way I can see my best friend. Honestly, I’m always the one making the first move, yet there’s still no progress. Hoping that we can see each other soon.

Going back to the book, I love the friendship of Frank Porter and Emily. It’s so genuine, and so natural. Finally, I’m hooked to their playlist. I even downloaded half of it 🙂

Someday, I wanna meet a Frank Porter as well. I guess, I should include him to those fictional male characters that turned me on. Hello from the other side, Frank. 🙂


I’m highly recommending Since You’ve Been Gone to all of you. Great job for Ms. Morgan Matson; cheers for more amazing books!

Thank you for reading. God Bless!


The Girl On The Train: by Paula Hawkins

Infidelity will never stop unless the person committing it becomes faithful. – Seasielle


Commuting is part of our daily lives. Sometimes, the ride is too long or too short; sometimes, there are stories that we had created on our mind; or there are strangers who we become friends and shared stories with; nonetheless, we are the story.


The Girl On The Train confused me on some parts, but then, I immediately got hooked once I felt the connection and the thrilled that got me on.

I felt lonely for Rachel and Megan. They wanted attention, and all they got was temporary love which left them more broken than before.


At first, I thought that person was the one who did the crime because of insanity or split personality disorder, but as the story went through, I was so shocked to discover who finally did it. I just felt unconvinced by the way it was done because for me, there would be a solution for that one.

Paula Hawkins is such a genius; for her first novel she had written such an incredible one. I really liked the twist, and everything about this book. I’m hoping to read more of her books.

Depression is really an issue in our fast growing world. With all the technologies and medical advances, still, there’s no cure for depression or doctors and/or psychiatrist can’t detect it immediately. Sometimes, the damaged has been done; nevertheless, it was lead to broken pieces of one’s dream and/or for the person to be broken.

Let us not be a victim of depression and/or the people that we cared for. I’m not an expert who can say what to do or not to, but I know the feeling of a person depressed because I once felt it. To avoid it, always unwind every week; talk to someone; and let us not live a person’s side, especially in times when they needed us most (meaning they’re the ones who started to say “Hi” or the ones who dropped by just to see us). Let us always have a spare time to spend for ourselves and for our loved ones.


I do recommend this book, especially to those people who wants a good turn around of stories.

Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Exploring the Wonders of Laguna: On Old Church Ruins and Rapids of Pagsanjan

Holy Week is the longest holiday ever in the Philippines, well aside from Christmas since sometimes it is only three days. Holy Week is the time where family bond – some goes to the province, while others goes to explore the wonders of the Philippines (which includes going to the beach and have fun) because Holy Week is also summer time in this tropical country of mine. Some considered it as the official start of summer.


I can say that our family has a close relationship with my relatives (mother side) that’s why we always spend each holiday together. My aunt bought a place somewhere in Laguna and built a rest house (as they want to call it) where we usually spend each long weekend. Ever since it was built, we spend almost every day of our vacation being in its premises only – doing random stuffs; but this year, we did something different- we went to explore the churches of Laguna, and experienced the rapids of Pagsanjan.

Paying a visit to different churches during Holy Week is a tradition here in the Philippines and we, Filipinos, call it “Visita Iglesia.” It is usually done during Maundy Thursday, but in our case, we did it on a Black Saturday that’s why the churches were all closed (sorry not sorry).

The first church that we visited was the Nagcarlang Church or St. Bartholomew Parish Church.


The second church: Liliw Church or Saint John the Baptist Church

(Thanks, Oben)

Finally, the last church that we paid a visit was the one where Emilio Jacinto died. It is called Magdalena Church or St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church.


After we visited those amazing churches, we now went to Pagsanjan Laguna to see its famous falls. Unfortunately, one boat ride is worth Php 1500 for three people, and you need to go to Pagsanjan’s Municipal to write your name for them to have a record since accidents were reported on that area. I really felt downhearted because I’ve been waiting for it for almost a year (hyperbole). I guess it was not really meant for us that day (try again next year). The owner of Casa Blanca (the resort where we rode a boat) noticed that we were downhearted so he offered us a ride until the first rapid. We all agreed, and we never regretted our decision because we saw the place where Tabing Ilog (a hit television in the early 2000’s) shoot most of their scenes, and we saw some of the amazing sceneries of Pagsanjan. We were all five in one boat; each one of us paid Php 250 or 300 (sorry I can’t exactly remember) and it was quite worth it.

The place where Tabing Ilog had shoot most of their scenes. 🙂

After the first rapids 🙂

Indeed, an unforgettable experience. After our breathtaking adventure, we went to dine at Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo restaurant. It is the famous one in Pagsanjan; true to its name – their Halo-Halo tasted awesome. Affordable, yet it is overflowing with varieties of ingredients. Okay, a Halo-Halo is a well-known dessert in this country, especially during summer since it is topped with ice. It is really a food to beat the heat.

Aling Taleng’s famous Halo-Halo 🙂

Aling Taleng’s burger meal. (Not worth the price)

Heading back home, we passed by the famous Itlog ni Kuya delicacies. (Well, lots of gems can be found in Laguna). We bought Balut (it is an egg boiled with a two or three weeks old chick inside it) though I did not eat that time (personal reasons).

Famous Itlog ni Kuya 🙂

Well, it was a Holy Week well-spent, and I can’t wait for our next adventure this summer.