Wonderful Birthday: Gastronomic Adventure Served by Ticxs

Finally, got a chance to try this awesome Plate Culture place! I’ve learn this one from watching Poptalk, and I’m so awed after I’ve got a taste of their own food.

I’ve been waiting for this day to happen. The first time I inquired for my father’s birthday celebration last April, they told me they weren’t available on my prefer date; I was left heartbroken. I do forget about Gastronomic as months passed by; suddenly, Plate Culture popped up on my screen, and I knew from that day on that it would be a great one.
I’ve inquired once again in Gastronomic, and fortunately, they’re available on my mother’s birthdate. Yahoo!

I already reserved the slot for my prefer date earlier September. Fast forward, the day I’ve been waiting for had arrived.

We rode an Uber going to the said place, and had a “tough” time finding their house since the driver entered the wrong street, good thing Mr. Chino saw us and help us to find their house.

Well, I’m not very good in detailed stories so I’ll just post photos for your understanding.

Thank you.

Design ☺

You have brought delight to Mr. Table, Ms. Flower. 🏡

Lovely Menu for my Dearest Mother. πŸ€—

Starter: Camachos

Starter: Asian Salad ☺

Lemon Basil Mushroom Pasta 🍝

Beef Rendang. πŸ™‚

Hickory πŸ” with Dirty 🍚

Ticxs Yogurt Shake πŸ€—πŸ˜

Sorry, no picture of S’mores Dunk-a-roo πŸ™

Overall Rating: 4.5 πŸ™‚
Food: 4.5
Place: 4
Price: 4

For reservations:
Kindly visit plateculture.com
Enter Philippines as location, then choose your preferred date.

Or search Gastronomic Adventure by Ticxs on fb.


It’s More Fun in the Philippines: 31st Negros Trade Fair (One Sweet Spot)

Hi there earthling creatures, I’m back! πŸ™‚ Today’s agenda: Tell the wonders of Negros Trade Fair.

Remember the last post I did about meeting Morgan, and how I ended up in an event? Well, this is the coverage of that said event. For those who haven’t read it, the title of that said blogpost is, “The Unexpected Everything: An Earthling Day to Meet the Lovely Morgan Matson.”

Strolling around Glorietta while carrying my pint of ice cream from Baskin Robbins, I’ve noticed that there’s an on-going event in their event hall so I’ve decided to explore what’s in store.

The said event was created to honor the inner treasures of Negros. Meaning an exhibit of Negros’ products – from food up to clothing. Well, it was crowded and everyone was up to have a taste of its food, and its originally handcrafted products. Maybe lots of you are wondering what’s Negros; well, it is a place located somewhere in Visayas (never been there so I can’t tell most of you about it. Honestly, I can narrate something since I’ll probably search google, but since I’m a bit lazy, I hope you can just do that).

Back to my experienced, I easily got hooked to Jarvis Gourmet Foods while roaming around since it was one of the nearest stall I saw upon entering the venue. Well, I bought 3 pieces ensaymada flavored dulce leche for only Php 100. (Nice find especially since I’m looking forward for a snack during office breaks). Then, I’ve tasted their spreads; yes, I’ve been ultimately guilty since I bought one – Saluyot Cheese Spread. Of course, my guilty pleasure did not stop there. I even strolled to the entire parameters of that place, and even saw Joel Torre since his restaurant named “Inasal sa Dasalan” was one of the food exhibitors. Well, I bought some delicacies from the Province of Negros, and I swear it was heaven sent. Name of store: El Ideal. πŸ™‚ Lots of stall to explore, but due to exhaustion, and not enough budget, I wasn’t able to buy and try almost half of what was there. Spare me for some apologies since I wasn’t able to take proper pictures of some stalls as well in the said event since it was jampacked. Anyway, will definitely look forward for events like this one since treasuring the wonders of Philippines is really one magnificent thing to do to attract tourists, and to inculcate to other Filipinos the blood of glory that lies in our culture.

P.S. Next time, will bring lots of money to be prepared.



As promised, here are the not-so-blurred-photos. πŸ˜‚

One of the stalls.


When will I be served? Lol.

The best Piaya in town. I swear! πŸ€—πŸ˜›

The real blockbuster on that day. Inasal. πŸ€—πŸ—πŸ–

And the very own Joel Torre sitting just across mine. 😱

Go Natural. ☺

Heaven sent. 😊

Finding “Me” in the midst of the crowd.

Must try. No preservatives, and a healthy spread for all ages. Saluyot Cheese Spread. πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜Š

Forever love. πŸ€—β€

August: Reunions, Moods, and Wonderful Moments

Gloomy days were gone;
Wonderful moments have arrived.

Ten years had gone by;
Replaced by one month of laughter, memories, and happiness shone over each others faces.

Old friends came by to say “Hello, even just for a minute.”
Goodbyes were longer; another day spent thinking of wonderful memory to treasure.

Life on the path of brick road;
Walking along green meadows;
Chirping of birds hovered all over;
Indeed, memories of last month will be painted wonderfully in each other’s heart.

Getting old, but not too old for wonderful moments.

Awkward moments were gone; only laughter were left.

Wonderful 10 years of friendship πŸ€—

Fantastic 2015: A Magical Tribute

Prosperous New Year to All πŸ™‚
Thirteen (13) amazing hours had past since the start of January 1, 2016. So much had already happened.

Tell Seasielle how’s your 2016 so far πŸ™‚

Before the clock strike to 12 midnight for January 2, let her (seasielle) first share what 2015 had brought in store for her.

Seasielle’s year started great; had a downfall in the midst; and ended Fantastic πŸ™‚

Ate at Van Gogh is Bipolar – bonding time with her friend during HS and with her sister. Delightful experience.

Bought Sugarpova (candy made by the one and only tennis superstar, Maria Sharapova)

1. Attended E. Lockhart’s book signing event and met new (for keeps friends).
2. Tried Ben and Jerry’s FroYo (for the first time).
3. Got to drink the not-so-famous Butterbeer (bought at Healthy Options)
4. Dined at IHop :))

1. The most heartfelt and tragic thing happened to Seasielle: one of her officemates stole fifty thousand GC under her care and no investigation happened which leave her with no choice but to pay the whole amount. 😦
2. After the rain, comes a rainbow. Got to eat Carmen’s best (the ice cream being serve during Pope Francis’ visit in Philippines)
3. Finally had a quality time with her high school friend after nine long years.

Went to Baguio and The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag as part of Seasielle’s company outing.

1. Small celebration for her special day.
2. Food trip in Kapitolyo with her cousin and sister.

1. Attended the book signing of three talented authors – Katie, Melissa and Robyn (KMR)
2. Received a package from Ms. Kate Evangelista (Filipino author) as a book donation for BFAC – currently an organization where Seasielle belongs.

First out of the country trip of Seasielle. Take note, it’s in South Korea (which means visa is required) πŸ™‚

Dined at Miguel and Maria’s with her awesome family.

Attended Ms. Kate’s book signing and met Kate’s mother as well.

1. Celebrated her mother’s birthday
2. Finally got a chance to dine at Caffe Piansa (First Jail-themed restaurant)

1. Held Seasielle’s first ever storytelling event. #GiveLove #SpreadtheLove
2. Celebrated New Year’s Eve with her parents :))

Let us all start 2016 with a grateful heart and make great memories :)))


Year 2015 in Review :))


Year 2015 in Review


New Year’s Eve :)) #TheManor #Bangus #MallofAsia

The Art of Giving

12th day of December marked Seasielle’s first ever storytelling event with a theme: Exploring the world through reading.

It came out because of her will to give back to others for such a prosperous year, and what a perfect way to share it but with her most favorite thing to do: reading.

One week before the said date, she made every detail to be finalized; with the help of her ever supportive parents, her first ever storytelling day was a huge success.

Of course, organizing an event while working for more than eight (8) hours a day was not that easy. Obstacles along the way was her greatest enemy. Can you believe that just two days before the event, one of the storytellers backed-out due to personal reasons; twenty four (24) hours before the event, another one had an emergency. What a total chaos! Good thing, miracle happens all the time! Seasielle’s mother volunteered to be the storyteller. Huge thanks for her!

It started at 3:15 pm in the afternoon, and ended at exactly 5:00 pm. Five books were read – three Tagalog and two English.

The kids were very attentive and well-behaved though there were some who were naughty.

It was really a fun Saturday filled with learnings, games, activities, prizes, food, and of course, loot bags.

The kids did not only leave with prizes, but they also left with a story to share with others.

We all say that we want a change from this planet, well, be the change that you want. Let it start from us so that slowly, we can achieve what we dream of. Don’t just sit there while complaining and being greedy, do something for yourself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless! #ForeverGrateful


Theme: Exploring the World through Reading #Tarpaulin


Decorations and mats where the kids sat πŸ™‚


The kids while waiting for the storyteller πŸ™‚


Snack time πŸ™‚ Jollibee Yum Burger and Plus Juice Size πŸ™‚


Loot bags #Incomplete


Inside each loot bags πŸ™‚


Thank you for coming #StorytellingEvent


Books read by the storyteller πŸ™‚

Delightful Experience for an Awesome Treat: Kuya Jun’s Colorful Cake (Sapin-Sapin)

I was browsing the Internet to look for a unique, delicious yet affordable cake for the upcoming birthday of my mother. I discovered lots of Cake shops that really offer unique and delicious cake, but sadly, they’re quite expensive, and most of these shops are located in Quezon City. It’s somehow far for where we’re residing, so it’s a big “NO.” I was about to give up and just settle for either Goldilocks or Red Ribbon when “Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop,” suddenly popped up on my wall. (Blessings in the skies, I think). I immediately scanned its FB page to browse for its cakes, price, location and reviews of those people who already tried their works. I’m amazed that most of the reviews were five out of five stars. Wow! Upon checking their cakes, I’m shocked that it was really their own and one of a kind. Why? Because they’re offering flavors that are truly loved by “Pinoy” like me.

Specialty and Best-Selling:
Yummy Yema
Sapin Sapin

Well, I ordered Sapin Sapin Cake since you can already have a taste of not just one, but three (3) flavors of their bestselling cakes. The first layer (top) is Yema flavor; the second layer (middle) is Pandan latik and the last layer (bottom) is Ube Yum. Price: Php 499 Delivery Charge: Php 50 or 10% of the total bill (whichever is higher).

Our (I and my family) experience:
The richness and creaminess of its icing is definitely a pop factor. The Ube flavor is a must try. The Pandan latik is somehow good but has an aftertaste. Finally, the yummy Yema is a taste-to-die-experience. Though, it’s the lesser layer of the cake (maybe because it’s their bestseller).

Overall Experience:

I must say we’re satisfied and will recommend Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop to our friends if it’s all about the delicacies they’re offering.
Price: Pop
Food: (Sapin Sapin Cake) Pop
Delivery Time: not pop since we’ve encountered a problem. Told the personnel that the cake should arrive at exactly 11am, but to my dismay, it arrived at around 11:45am. We even thought that our order won’t be delivered anymore. (Maybe it was because the delivery man had a hard time finding our place since none of our neighbors ever tried this bakeshop. So, understandable.)

To know more about Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop, visit their Facebook page:


God bless!


Sorry for the low quality of camera and poor editing skills of yours truly 😦

Organization For a Cause

Hello friends!

Seasielle wants to share a wonderful idea to all of you. If you’re residing in the Philippines and has talents you want to share to others, you’re the person she’s looking for.

She wants to establish an organization which will extend its hands to those talented people out there to participate in this one and help spread the good news by sharing God’s gift for free.

Yes, it’s for free since the main goal of this is to teach those kids who can’t afford to enroll in schools that culminates ones talent.

Everyone is welcome to join this soon-to-be organization as long as it’s okay for you to share what you have without getting any monetary in exchange except that you can see those people with a smile on their face.

What talents can you share?

You can share your talent in the following fields:




Drawing and Painting

Playing instruments


Reading (sharing the wonders and teaching children how)

Sports (i.e. basketball, volleyball, etc.)

Cooking or Baking

Being Creative (making something special out of nothing, etc.)

Who are qualified to join?

Everyone is invited to join this one. No age limit as long as you’re talented and willing to share your time and talent to others for free every weekend at around 2:00-5:00pm, you can join. But for kids and teens out there, it would be pleasant if you’re already 13 years of age. Though this is somewhat repetitive since I already wrote this part at the beginning except for the time and day.

Are the materials provided?

As for this one, the teacher (the one who will share his/her talent) as well as the students are advise to bring their own materials since the soon-to-be organization doesn’t have any funds yet to provide all the needed things.

Therefore, it is open for donation and venue since it has no home yet. Kindly contact Seasielle through the following:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mars.siellelovesyou

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seasielle

Email: seasielle@gmail.com

Thank you for your kind consideration and hoping to gain more people in order for this dream to become a reality.

God Bless!