Welcome to the Magical World of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children through the Loop

Title: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Running Time: 127 minutes
Movie Stars: Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd, Allison Janney, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp, Ella Purnell, Judi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson.
Based on the novel of Ransom Riggs

Friend: Did you hear that Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be made into a movie?
Me: o_o (No idea at all).
Friend: Well, prepare your pocket for this one because your celebrity crush (Asa Butterfield) will frontline this movie.
Me: (screaming silently) Okay, okay.

Weak Points: (THIS IS REALLY a SPOILER if you haven’t read the book)

The lead actor (Asa Butterfield) portrays Jake and not Jacob which is quite disappointing because his original name based on the book is Jacob.

Emma’s (Ella Purnell) ability is associated with flying when in fact she’s a fire element.

Olive is the one who has the ability to make fire (She’s lighter than air – power of flying).

Miss P was set free (the reason why there’s a second and third book is because she was held captive and was never freed).

Strong Points:

The entire movie was creatively transformed into a lighter emotions; friendly language; and child appropriate film. (The book felt quite heavy, also, a bit of mystery and thriller can be felt when you read the entire book).

About the Movie:

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children started quite creepy, and dark; then there goes the lighter part – Jake’s first appearance, his family’s introduction, and his travel going to the island.

As the story goes on, Jake entered the looped, and met the entire children under the care of Miss Peregrine.

Then, the attacked of Hollowgast came where Miss P was held captive.

Jake and the rest of Miss P’s children came to rescue her, and so she was set free.


It was a Yay since it was created for all ages, but it was also a Nay for those who had read the book (including me) since there were some scenes that should have been deleted, and some scenes from the book that should have been included.


Yes for all who are curious, and want some lighter stories.

No for those who had read the book.

Overall, watch on your own risk.


Movie Review: The Depressing Emotions of The Girl On The Train

Title: The Girl On The Train
Running Time: 112minutes
Movie Stars: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Allison Janney, Édgar Ramírez and Lisa Kudrow
Based on the novel of Paula Hawkins

When can you say that a book was perfectly made into a movie?
For me, the only way you can say that it was perfectly made into a movie: when you felt the same emotions you had when you read it, or when you felt connected to the actors/actresses of the said movie.

Guess what, I felt depressed when I’ve watched The Girl On The Train, which means it was made almost perfectly into a movie.


Last October 16, my sister and I got to spend a quality time by watching movies. Well, I rarely watch movies since tickets are too expensive, and I’m not really into those movies. The only time I do watch a movie: if it was a book turned into big screens. 🙂

The Girl on The Train (TGoTT), is such an amazingly written masterpiece for me since I really felt connected while reading it. Upon hearing the news that it will be turned into a movie, I got excited since I can’t wait to see the characters being portrayed by acclaimed artists.

About the movie:

TGoTT, was quite a dragging one as it started. (Same with the book)

Rachel’s viewpoint/story was introduced first. For me, it was almost the same as the book.

Then, Megan’s viewpoint/story. The character who gave life to Megan looks like Jennifer Lawrence. I swear. And gosh, such an awesome actress for me. She portrayed Megan just the way I imagined. Thumbs-up 🙂

Lastly, Ana. An angelic face for me (pertaining to the actress). Such a stunning one, though she lacked emotions in some parts, and she only appeared a few times from the start, which is quite disturbing for me since I couldn’t remember all her scenes in the book. 🙂

Three stunning ladies who is connected because of one man. (And yes, if you haven’t watch the movie or haven’t read the book, this part is somehow a SPOILER ONE. So please, excuse yourself immediately). One man who destroyed all of them, but the worst victim is Rachel since she was alive but dying inside, unlike Megan who is six feet below the ground; she can’t feel the miseries.

Yey or Nay?

For me, it was a Yey since I felt all the emotions the movie had to offer. I felt depressed; felt sorry for Megan and Rachel; felt betrayed for Ana and Rachel; and most especially, I felt lost – lost in their world.

What is the movie all about? (For those who haven’t read the book)

TGoTT is all about a woman (Rachel) who always rides a train going to her work place. Everyday, she sit on the same place and watches a couple who she calls Jess and Jessie. For her, this couple is a perfect example of what a relationship should be. Until one day, Jessie, was missing and before it happened, Rachel, from the windows of the train, saw a man who is not Jess, hanging around with Jessie.

In order to help, Rachel told what she saw to Jess – from that day, everything will turn upside down for Rachel, Jess (as what Rachel calls him), Ana, and the rest of the characters.

TGoTT is all about the unsolved case of Megan (the real name of Jessie); what’s really happening to Rachel; and the pretentiously happy life of Ana.


Now, I will jot down two options here: One for Yes, and another one for No.

Yes – if you want films full of dialogues and less actions. Also, if you’re a fan of depression.

No – if you want your stamina to be excited and if you want your mind to be at peace. Why? Because TGoTT lacks actions, therefore can’t offer your stamina a thrilling movement; and you won’t be at peace since you will be depressed.

There you have it, hope I offered some help to all of you lovely readers.

Hotel Transylvania 2

“An action packed family oriented movie. The new meaning of monsters.” – Seasielle


Hotel Transylvania One, really captured my attention. It’s so entertaining and had a moral lesson. Upon the announcement that there would be a part two, I patiently waited for the release date and marked it already on my calendar.

Last September 25, 2015, I’ve watched the said film together with my mom since I need a companion. We’ve watched at around 4:00 in the afternoon and the cinema is somehow jampacked.

Verdict About the Movie:

Once again, Dracula and his gang together with Mavis and Johnny are back with an additional member of the family – Dennis. The cutest and most adorable baby ever.

Running time: 89 minutes
Notable Characters: Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez

Let me divide my review into three parts.

First part: The wedding and Dennis birth

In this particular event, Mavis finally wed Johnny. After a year, a baby boy was born – Dennis. The whole hotel Transylvania was put under baby care or in other words, every monster, every pointed objects and every thing that’s dangerous for Dennis is required to be protected or to wear a safety gear since they’re not yet sure if Dennis is a vampire or a human or half.

Second part: The struggles and misunderstanding inside Hotel Transylvania

I considered this part as the climax of the story. This is where all the emotions were built and all problems were exposed.

Mavis wanted Dennis to have a normal life – the one that Johnny had during his childhood and teen age years. She insisted to live in California where Johnny grew up. Upon learning this, Dracula was so worried. Good thing, Frankenstein suggested that he should allow Mavis to visit California. Well, because of that suggestion Dracula had an awesome plan, and so on.

While in California, Dracula made sure he’s plan will push through. Together with his gang plus Dennis, they try to revisit their past and how they became scary monsters. Unfortunately, it was the other way around. Everything went wrong, well for Dracula’s point of view only. Because of the said incident, Mavis and Johnny went back immediately to Transylvania and promised Dracula that after the birthday party of Dennis, they will now move in to California.

Third part: Acceptance, Love and Closure

This is the part where all the characters will resolve all misunderstanding and where they will share the true meaning of Agape Love.

Mavis invited all the relatives of Johnny and even his grandfather, Vlad. Because of this scenario, Dennis suppose to be “happiest birthday” became his worst nightmare and it turned into a total disaster. Dennis ran away with Winnie in a tree house. While they were there, Vlad’s bodyguard smelled Dennis as human and tried to kill him. Then the most amazing thing happened.

Well, after everything, there’s a happy ending now.

Moral Lessons:

“You cannot force someone who are not like you to be the same as you.” – Mavis to Dracula

“You cannot make someone who are not they are to be the one you want them to be.” – Mavis to Dracula

Love and acceptance are the two words we must share to others to make them feel our sincerity.


I’m highly recommending this film to all of you, especially for the whole family. It’s truly worth the money and worth the time.

God bless!