Movie Review: The Depressing Emotions of The Girl On The Train

Title: The Girl On The Train
Running Time: 112minutes
Movie Stars: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Allison Janney, Édgar Ramírez and Lisa Kudrow
Based on the novel of Paula Hawkins

When can you say that a book was perfectly made into a movie?
For me, the only way you can say that it was perfectly made into a movie: when you felt the same emotions you had when you read it, or when you felt connected to the actors/actresses of the said movie.

Guess what, I felt depressed when I’ve watched The Girl On The Train, which means it was made almost perfectly into a movie.


Last October 16, my sister and I got to spend a quality time by watching movies. Well, I rarely watch movies since tickets are too expensive, and I’m not really into those movies. The only time I do watch a movie: if it was a book turned into big screens. 🙂

The Girl on The Train (TGoTT), is such an amazingly written masterpiece for me since I really felt connected while reading it. Upon hearing the news that it will be turned into a movie, I got excited since I can’t wait to see the characters being portrayed by acclaimed artists.

About the movie:

TGoTT, was quite a dragging one as it started. (Same with the book)

Rachel’s viewpoint/story was introduced first. For me, it was almost the same as the book.

Then, Megan’s viewpoint/story. The character who gave life to Megan looks like Jennifer Lawrence. I swear. And gosh, such an awesome actress for me. She portrayed Megan just the way I imagined. Thumbs-up 🙂

Lastly, Ana. An angelic face for me (pertaining to the actress). Such a stunning one, though she lacked emotions in some parts, and she only appeared a few times from the start, which is quite disturbing for me since I couldn’t remember all her scenes in the book. 🙂

Three stunning ladies who is connected because of one man. (And yes, if you haven’t watch the movie or haven’t read the book, this part is somehow a SPOILER ONE. So please, excuse yourself immediately). One man who destroyed all of them, but the worst victim is Rachel since she was alive but dying inside, unlike Megan who is six feet below the ground; she can’t feel the miseries.

Yey or Nay?

For me, it was a Yey since I felt all the emotions the movie had to offer. I felt depressed; felt sorry for Megan and Rachel; felt betrayed for Ana and Rachel; and most especially, I felt lost – lost in their world.

What is the movie all about? (For those who haven’t read the book)

TGoTT is all about a woman (Rachel) who always rides a train going to her work place. Everyday, she sit on the same place and watches a couple who she calls Jess and Jessie. For her, this couple is a perfect example of what a relationship should be. Until one day, Jessie, was missing and before it happened, Rachel, from the windows of the train, saw a man who is not Jess, hanging around with Jessie.

In order to help, Rachel told what she saw to Jess – from that day, everything will turn upside down for Rachel, Jess (as what Rachel calls him), Ana, and the rest of the characters.

TGoTT is all about the unsolved case of Megan (the real name of Jessie); what’s really happening to Rachel; and the pretentiously happy life of Ana.


Now, I will jot down two options here: One for Yes, and another one for No.

Yes – if you want films full of dialogues and less actions. Also, if you’re a fan of depression.

No – if you want your stamina to be excited and if you want your mind to be at peace. Why? Because TGoTT lacks actions, therefore can’t offer your stamina a thrilling movement; and you won’t be at peace since you will be depressed.

There you have it, hope I offered some help to all of you lovely readers.


All The Bright Places: By Jennifer Niven

“There’s always a bright place waiting for us somewhere at the end of the bridge.” – Seasielle


There’s always a “worst” day in our life – a day where we feel so miserable that the only thing we just want to do is to hide under a blanket and never get off of our own bed.

Apparently for some people, their suppose to be “worst day” lasts for a week; a month; a year; or forever – that’s why it’s not just a day, but it is now their whole life.

How does a perfect life becomes depressing for some?
According to studies, there are many reasons why people usually became depressed, and some of the important ones are: (This was based on the research that I made when I was still in college, for a certain study for my subject)

1. The stress of work/paper loads they have to endure every single day of their life.
2. The feeling of being unwanted by certain people or their own environment.
3. Being bullied in their school which is the reason why some are frightened to study or lost interest at all.
4. No one to talk too or open up things/problems that currently need to be assisted.
5. Peer; society; and parents pressure that usually leads for them to be perfectionist, and when they didn’t achieve what is expected for them, they will be depressed.
6. Aspirations in life that they think they can’t achieve at this moment or not at all because something in-between happened, also leads to depression.
7. Material things that they can’t have because they don’t have the ability to buy, which leads for their circle of friends to leave them.
8. Finally, the thought of being unloved because sometimes they want attention that they can’t have.

Of course, these are only some reasons, but there are a lot more that’s why we needed to be aware of the presence that surrounds us, rather than thinking of ourself all the time.

What’s the solution that depressed people usually come up with? Well, the answer is simple: they think of having a Suicide.

What’s suicide?
For those of you who are not aware of it, here’s the definition:
Suicide is an action of killing oneself intentionally. (Webster)

We all know that one’s life is precious, therefore, committing suicide is unforgivable because God’s plan will not be fulfilled.

All The Bright Places is a story about a girl named Violet and a boy named Finch whose lives will be changed forever.


A typical high school story where girl is a popular one while boy is a nobody specie.

When they met each other at the Bell Tower, Finch thought that this is a way to reach out for someone who is really thinking the same way as he does (killing oneself); that’s why when their professor gave them a project to explore the wonders of Indiana, he chose Violet to be his partner without getting her approval.

Well, Finch had planned their trips very well that’s why they really enjoyed the company of each other. Their carefree moments and unselfish friendships made each day a memorable one. Until one day, it became clear to Violet that Finch has other plans after everything. She asked for help which only makes the situation worst.

THOUGHTS: (spoiler alert)

I felt that Violet did what she can to persuade Finch not to commit suicide; but something was missing.

His life was not perfect. He was abused by his father as a child; left by his so-called friend because of his “crazy” actions; felt unwanted by his own family; his entire environment calls him “freak” though no basis for it; and he tried to go out of his comfort zone but didn’t get any helping hand from others.

Depression is really hard to read and to be recognized. It’s too complicated. Sometimes too much attention from a person suffering it may push him to commit suicide or less detachment from them may really push them to end their life immediately. That’s why proper caution is always recommended. But how can we determine if a person is depressed or not? Based on the facts stated above about the reasons why people commits suicide, some of the ways to determine if a person is suffering from depression are: if he lacks interest or too overwhelmed for a certain thing or event; not interested to social gathering; lack of interest when it comes to food; and always counting the days or time when a certain event will occur or end. The solution: Well, the only way I can suggest is to open up with your family or anyone who has knowledge with the said illness. Well, I know that most of the time, our own family is the reason. For that case, we must find somebody to lean on – a person who is very knowledgeable to tackle that matter.

Also, this is always a reminder for everyone to stop bullying anyone in this world. You see, we are all in a battlefield fighting our way to reach out for our dreams. We are all wounded warriors that need assistance and not discouragement. Why can’t we just mind our own business? Hey, if you think that bullying is cool, well, you’re really wrong. BULLYING IS A SIGN OF BEING COWARD because you know that that person has something special that you don’t have; or you’re shielding yourself from your own weakness which will lead for you to be bullied. Any other way you want it, BULLYING SHOULD BE STOP IN THIS GENERATION.

Statistical data about suicide shows that the top reason for committing it because of bullying. See? Any forms of unwanted actions, words, etc is now considered bullying. Bullying that not just happened in school; it also occurs in the workplace; online; on the streets; etc. that’s why is should be stop.

All The Bright Places clearly stated that this society is ****** up and even though someone is out there reaching out to help, the victim is the one who chose to close or to accept what’s in store for him because he believes that it was too late already. I hate to state that fact actually because I know that there’s no such word as “too late,” rather, delayed is a better choice. There’s always a bright side for every darkness that surrounds us. We just have to find our way out there. Apparently, this is a two way process – we should help our self to find that way out of darkness, and then we should be helped.

I already read books about suicide or self killing. I don’t understand why they can’t value their life because they are perfectly normal. There are many people out there who are sick but wants to live longer only to learn that they will only lasts for almost a month, year, etc., so quit killing your own self. You don’t know how precious your soul is.

When you think that there’s no way out, just Pray. Pray unceasingly and you will see your way being guided.


I do recommend this book to raise awareness about depression, bullying, and suicide.

I do also recommend some titles in case you want to read some life changing books or books with same storyline. I think its time to raise awareness regarding how precious one life is, and that life goes on no matter how miserable it was before because there’s always a bright side for everything.

Books Recommendation:
Every day by David Levithan
The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino
Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis
Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon
Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor
Where She Went by Gayle Forman
The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

Well, these are just some titles that you would want to read.

Hope you enjoyed reading. God bless!