Movie Review: The Depressing Emotions of The Girl On The Train

Title: The Girl On The Train
Running Time: 112minutes
Movie Stars: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Allison Janney, Édgar Ramírez and Lisa Kudrow
Based on the novel of Paula Hawkins

When can you say that a book was perfectly made into a movie?
For me, the only way you can say that it was perfectly made into a movie: when you felt the same emotions you had when you read it, or when you felt connected to the actors/actresses of the said movie.

Guess what, I felt depressed when I’ve watched The Girl On The Train, which means it was made almost perfectly into a movie.


Last October 16, my sister and I got to spend a quality time by watching movies. Well, I rarely watch movies since tickets are too expensive, and I’m not really into those movies. The only time I do watch a movie: if it was a book turned into big screens. 🙂

The Girl on The Train (TGoTT), is such an amazingly written masterpiece for me since I really felt connected while reading it. Upon hearing the news that it will be turned into a movie, I got excited since I can’t wait to see the characters being portrayed by acclaimed artists.

About the movie:

TGoTT, was quite a dragging one as it started. (Same with the book)

Rachel’s viewpoint/story was introduced first. For me, it was almost the same as the book.

Then, Megan’s viewpoint/story. The character who gave life to Megan looks like Jennifer Lawrence. I swear. And gosh, such an awesome actress for me. She portrayed Megan just the way I imagined. Thumbs-up 🙂

Lastly, Ana. An angelic face for me (pertaining to the actress). Such a stunning one, though she lacked emotions in some parts, and she only appeared a few times from the start, which is quite disturbing for me since I couldn’t remember all her scenes in the book. 🙂

Three stunning ladies who is connected because of one man. (And yes, if you haven’t watch the movie or haven’t read the book, this part is somehow a SPOILER ONE. So please, excuse yourself immediately). One man who destroyed all of them, but the worst victim is Rachel since she was alive but dying inside, unlike Megan who is six feet below the ground; she can’t feel the miseries.

Yey or Nay?

For me, it was a Yey since I felt all the emotions the movie had to offer. I felt depressed; felt sorry for Megan and Rachel; felt betrayed for Ana and Rachel; and most especially, I felt lost – lost in their world.

What is the movie all about? (For those who haven’t read the book)

TGoTT is all about a woman (Rachel) who always rides a train going to her work place. Everyday, she sit on the same place and watches a couple who she calls Jess and Jessie. For her, this couple is a perfect example of what a relationship should be. Until one day, Jessie, was missing and before it happened, Rachel, from the windows of the train, saw a man who is not Jess, hanging around with Jessie.

In order to help, Rachel told what she saw to Jess – from that day, everything will turn upside down for Rachel, Jess (as what Rachel calls him), Ana, and the rest of the characters.

TGoTT is all about the unsolved case of Megan (the real name of Jessie); what’s really happening to Rachel; and the pretentiously happy life of Ana.


Now, I will jot down two options here: One for Yes, and another one for No.

Yes – if you want films full of dialogues and less actions. Also, if you’re a fan of depression.

No – if you want your stamina to be excited and if you want your mind to be at peace. Why? Because TGoTT lacks actions, therefore can’t offer your stamina a thrilling movement; and you won’t be at peace since you will be depressed.

There you have it, hope I offered some help to all of you lovely readers.


The Girl On The Train: by Paula Hawkins

Infidelity will never stop unless the person committing it becomes faithful. – Seasielle


Commuting is part of our daily lives. Sometimes, the ride is too long or too short; sometimes, there are stories that we had created on our mind; or there are strangers who we become friends and shared stories with; nonetheless, we are the story.


The Girl On The Train confused me on some parts, but then, I immediately got hooked once I felt the connection and the thrilled that got me on.

I felt lonely for Rachel and Megan. They wanted attention, and all they got was temporary love which left them more broken than before.


At first, I thought that person was the one who did the crime because of insanity or split personality disorder, but as the story went through, I was so shocked to discover who finally did it. I just felt unconvinced by the way it was done because for me, there would be a solution for that one.

Paula Hawkins is such a genius; for her first novel she had written such an incredible one. I really liked the twist, and everything about this book. I’m hoping to read more of her books.

Depression is really an issue in our fast growing world. With all the technologies and medical advances, still, there’s no cure for depression or doctors and/or psychiatrist can’t detect it immediately. Sometimes, the damaged has been done; nevertheless, it was lead to broken pieces of one’s dream and/or for the person to be broken.

Let us not be a victim of depression and/or the people that we cared for. I’m not an expert who can say what to do or not to, but I know the feeling of a person depressed because I once felt it. To avoid it, always unwind every week; talk to someone; and let us not live a person’s side, especially in times when they needed us most (meaning they’re the ones who started to say “Hi” or the ones who dropped by just to see us). Let us always have a spare time to spend for ourselves and for our loved ones.


I do recommend this book, especially to those people who wants a good turn around of stories.

Thanks for reading. God Bless!