Review for Blackout: by Jason Elam, Steve Yohn

Even though I didn’t read the first 2 books of this series, I easily got hooked to it. The story is somehow not quite related to those, and some scenes which requires those first 2 series had a flashback, so you can still follow the trail. I really love this book. Especially those action pack scenes, it leaves me breathless. (Like, Oh my! What will happen next?) All those suspense-action scenes were the best. Also, this book was not just made fictitious, but it also depicts some things similar to reality. I love how the authors informed me about those things, which honestly, an added knowledge for me.

We all have our own opinions so respect mine as I respect yours.

One thing is for sure: Grab your own copy friends and see it for yourselves.

BTW, I love Afshin. Yeah! 🙂 How good was he. I really cried when he died. (As in I didn’t stop crying until I need to. His heroism was the best example for me).

In every book I had read, I always make sure that I learned something form it. 🙂

Lessons learned from Blackout: First, we should always be ready so when catastrophe hit us, the damage will not be that disastrous. Second, doing another wound from the past will never heal it, instead, it will only make it worst. Third, we know that we found our friends if they really stand by our side through thick and thin. Fourth, we should not judge people just because they are black, Asians, Africans, etc. Colors and nationality don’t define their whole-being. Not all black or Muslim people are bad. Let us first know them before judging them. Fifth, bad people will never win against the good one. Sixth, wars will never create peace. It will only leave many people starving to death, and homeless with no better future. Lastly, God is in control of everything. If He let those things to happen, he has a better reason why. Just always keep our Faith to God and always pray to Him.

God Bless everyone.


We All Have Wings to Fly

Birds fly through the air unknown of the place where they will land. But still, they fly high, higher than anyone, reaching to the sky to get a glimpse to our creator. From there, they will land in the place where they know that there is peace.