Exciting E. Lockhart’s Book Signing Event

Last March 22, the award winning author of We Were Liars went to Manila, Philippines to sign all her published works. I’m so excited because after months of not attending a book signing event due to work loads, finally, I got a chance to be present in this one.

As usual, my father is the one who fall in line for me. I’m so thankful to him because despite having difficulties in his work, he still managed to say “Yes” to all my requests, especially when it is all about book signing events. Thanks dad. I’m not really sure what time he woke up and went to the venue. All I know is that he was early because he got the number 52 (Not bad). He met new friends. Yes, he’s the one who made friends to all bibliophiles out there that’s why I have them as my friends now. Again, my deepest gratitude to you dad.

We’ve been one and a half hour early for the said event that’s why we just stayed in Illy coffee shop inside National Bookstore(NBS). I treated my dad a brewed coffee since he loves coffee so much. And yes, I won’t buy there anymore since it’s quite expensive. I mean, for such a small cup of coffee you have to pay Php 110 or 190. I can’t remember exactly the amount I paid but when I asked my dad if it’s worthy he replied “No.”

You can see inside NBS that almost 200 book netizens were gathered in that venue. I was so shocked because most of the book signing events I had attended, there were not less than 500 people were present. So I think that her signing won’t take too long since there are only few people who came. Apparently, I was so wrong.

E. Lockhart arrived at around 2:15 in the afternoon if I’m not mistaking. Of course as a tradition, there was a small discussion about her works, life, etc. she answered everything with enthusiasm which is kind of common to all authors who also went here in he Philippines. One thing that made her cool for me: She has a tattoo on her left arm. 🙂

Finally, the time for her to sign all her published works had arrived. While waiting in line, I met my father’s friends. They’re so good and beautiful people. We had our picture taking.

Well, I had a whimsical day last March 22. Thank you so much NBS and E. Lockhart for this day.

God bless readers!


To Stay or To Let Go?

Those words are exactly my thoughts at this very moment. What should I do? What should I choose? I’m torn between two choices that I know will have a bigger impact in my life right now. A choice that will define my future. I’ve been feeling anxiety, fear, sadness, guilt and a lot more. I’m not calm. No, I can’t be calm because I don’t know how. I’m so worried of the outcome I will get if I choose to stay or if I choose to let go. Sleepless nights have been my companion since last April ten (10). I’ve been awake in the wee hours and shivering despite the warm weather in the whole country. I don’t know what to choose. If you will be given a chance to choose, what will you choose: To Stay or to Let Go?

Here’s the catch:

One day, you made a decision to obey what others tell you to do; Even though you know from the bottom of your heart that you’re not happy, and you won’t be happy in any other way. Months had gone by, you’re convincing yourself that everything is fine; that all is well. Suddenly, you’re convinced and contented in your current situation and can’t wait to explore more until one day, your biggest fear took place. A turning table that will forever define your future. You don’t know what to do now because you’re afraid to let go knowing that lots of people will be hurt; knowing that a relationship that is so peaceful will be broken and you’re the reason why.

What will you do? Will you choose to stay sacrificing your happiness and the peace of your mind? Or will you let go and this time, follow your inner voice telling you that today is right time to finally let go; to get your freedom and explore the world full of possibilities waiting for you at the other end of the thread? The choice is all yours, and yours only.

Sometimes, most of us will choose to stay even though that we already know deep down our conscience that this is the right time to let go because that incident might happen again, or something worst might occur next time. Why do we still choose to stay? The answer: because we are worried to those people who we might hurt; those relationship that might be broken; and those dreams that we think we might still achieved when we stay.
But what are we missing? What lies behind the art of letting go? What can you see in its borderline? The answer: Those people that you’re worried you might hurt don’t care to you at all. Yes, they’re dictating your every move making you look like a walking puppet. Why are they doing it? Pretending that they care? Well, the answer is so simple: So that they will know if you’re progressing or not; if you’re above then or below them; and so that finally they can prove that they’re better to you. See, their intentions are not pure and won’t be in any other way. Afraid that you might break a peaceful relationship? Well, fear not. Why? Because even before you came, their relationships are already broken. Shattered like pieces of mirrors. They just pretend that everything is fine and well, so that when the moment they’ve been all waiting for took place, you’re the antagonist that they will point. The reason behind a fallen relationship now. Be happy anyway because finally you freed them from a lie that have been clothing them for so many years now. And for the win, you won’t achieve any of your dreams because they won’t let you to do so, and they will never help you.

So, take the courage now to let go and to never come back. Be brave to face the real world with your desires and dreams as weapons and your burning heart as a shield. Be a warrior God destined you to be.

Now, back to me, I’ll choose to let go because I want to end all the sufferings I’ve been feeling for quite long now. May the odds be forever in my favor and may the force be with me always. I just don’t want to regret the decision I will make because I know that’s the only way to be happy. Happier than before.

God bless us all!

The Beginning of Everything: by Robyn Schneider

“A story of redemption and hope after a roller coaster ride took place in your life.” – Seasielle

All that you have will be taken away from you in just a blink of an eye: You’re perfect life; you’re perfect physical appearance; you’re popularity; you’re everything. What will you do? Where will you find those puzzle pieces? How will you put together those missing pieces of puzzle? Well, these are the questions that keep on mumbling on Ezra’s mind, until one day, an unexpected visitor came to his life. Will this visitor help him to mend the missing pieces of his puzzle, or will only make things worst?

The setting of the story is a typical one. I mean, I already read some books with the same setting and somehow with the same storyline – High school heartthrob turned into a disaster protagonist who met an amazing girl who will leave a mark into his life is a very usual one kind of story and a very popular theme now especially under the genre of YA (Young Adult) Novels. Honestly it’s kind of boring and tiresome to read – almost the same storyline but I must admit that I still love this book because of its message – the lessons one can get from reading this. Yes, it’s also a common one, but I just love how it was written or being said by the characters. I love how their lives (the main characters) were connected in such way. I also love how this book gave value to the debate team. Most of the books I had read, the main characters were all ex/members of soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. team which is kind of a mainstream already.

Weak Point of the book for me(spoiler alert): When Ezra competed in the debate team in the category where Cassidy is the one who is assigned to compete. I mean, how come you can change the name of the competitors on that same day or how stupid that the judges didn’t recognize that it was Ezra competing instead of her.

Strong Point of the book for me(spoiler alert): As I said from the beginning, I love how the main characters were connected to each other. Ezra, had an accident which changed his whole life forever. The guy who was involved in that said accident is the brother of Cassidy which helped Ezra healed his wounds and bring back the missing pieces of his life. It’s just so whimsical for me because the one who caused you your miseries will send someone close to his/her life just to help you become the butterfly you should have been.

Lesson Learned:
Did you ever wonder what’s your purpose in this world? Or did you even try to look around you and see how blessed are you because you have everything other people desires to have? Or are you the one who’s currently living in all the pains, rejections, and miseries you had encountered in the past and can’t move on because you’re too coward to accept the fact that you can’t change the things you’ve done in the past; or are you brave enough to face all of those mentioned above?
Well, all those queries are so meaningful right? And I must say that you can find all the answers in this book. I mean, you should not relay literally but figuratively in this book.
I just love Ezra’s story of redemption who’s considered once lost but now he found his purpose again. He left the world of pains, regrets, rejections and entered the world of renewed life. A fresh start for The Beginning of Everything. He now considers himself blessed.

I do recommend this book to everyone who wants to have a fresh start in their lives.

Thank you for reading :))

About the author:

Robyn Schneider is a writer, actor, and online personality who misspent her youth in a town coincidentally similar to Eastwood. Robyn is a graduate of Columbia University, where she studied creative writing, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where she studied medical ethics. She is also the author of the middle grade Knightley Academy books, written as Violet Haberdasher. She lives in Los Angeles, California, but also on the internet. You can watch her vlogs at youtube.com/robynisrarelyfunny.

Follow her on twitter: @robynschneider
Website: http://robynschneider.com

Team Perkins: July Adventure

Forgive me for this post is a super late post.

Last July 2014, the cutest and one of the most gorgeous author Stephanie Perkins, together with her husband, went in the Philippines to sign all her published works.

The moment National Bookstore (NBS) announced this, I really got excited because honestly, I’ve been dreaming of Ethan as a perfect guy (before I met Abel. Never mind this one) and meeting the author behind his incredible description is beyond perfect.

I really insist to go even though I have tons of work at that moment. I can’t miss this I swear; I will never forgive myself if I did.

My dad, being my one and only companion during book signing events finally said we will attend this event. Hooray daddy!

He woke up earlier than expected so he will be among the first person in line. Yes, as always, he’s the one who fall in line for me. Such an awesome dad right?
Upon arriving at the venue, he told me that he was among the people who belong to numbers 1-30 that’s why I was so disappointed when he said he was number 42. I mean, he was also disappointed because he woke up early and went to the venue to see less people in the line then all of a sudden, friends of those who were in the line came, and boom. They now belong to the first comers. Wow! I just felt that this actions or habits is so unfair for those people who woke up early just to be the first in line. Yes, I can clearly see that you’re friends and that they reserved a slot for you but will you really accept it knowing that you don’t deserve it? Sometimes it’s all about choices. If you choose what you desire then you’re selfish; if not, will you regret it knowing that you will also get a chance to see the author?

Anyway, I arrived at around 2pm and luckily, just minutes had passed by, Stephanie Perkins and her husband arrived. You can hear the crowd loud cheers for both of them. Stephanie arrived wearing such a magnificent clothes. Wow! Fashionista at her best :)) Such a cool author.
Of course there was a short interview as always. Then, the most awaited part had came – book signing. Because the crowd requested his husband to sign as well, request granted. Those people who got the number 300+ fell in line first for Jarrod. After I got my turn to Stephanie, I immediately went to fall in line for Jarrod. That was the moment I felt a terrible headache had hit me. Because of that, my dad requested to the organizers if I can get my turn first. Blessed that they said yes. I’m also thankful for those people who were in line that moment for understanding me (if they really did).

I had an awesome day even though I had a terrible headache due to lack of sleep.

Thank God for this magical event.



Under the Sea: On Fishes and Penguins

Its been everywhere. Every country has this kind of attraction. Well, I’m talking about Ocean Park.

Here in the Philippines, Manila Ocean Park opened its door to the public last March 1, 2008. People got excited because for the first time, we’ll have our own version of Ocean Park though not as wonderful compared to other countries especially to Hong Kong.

I only got a chance to explore this wonderful world last September 2014. Yes, I know I’m so outdated, but I believe age doesn’t matter when we’re talking about the word “fun.”

I’m not really a huge fan of animals that’s why I’m not interested in going to Manila Ocean Park. The only reason why I did insist to visit this place: Penguins. Yes, I’m crazily in-love with penguins. I’m actually addicted to it. Knowing that it is impossible to pet a penguin here(Philippines) since it is a tropical country, I really got excited and delighted when I heard the news that Manila Ocean Park added real penguins in Trails to Antartica last 2011. Yes, cold weather and a bit of snow of course. (Expectations).
I’m so blessed, that my parents and sister agreed to accompany me in Manila Ocean Park. Well, I think they also said yes because we bought our ticket online (promo in one site). Honestly, I won’t buy 4 tickets in their original price because we’re not lovers of under the sea creatures.

So, let me take you to our adventure.

We purchased our tickets at a discounted price. Luckily, we did because we got disappointed to some… no, 10 out of 12 attractions to be exact.

Day 1:
We left at 9am and arrived at the said place around 11am. We missed the sea lion show( the first showing) the one where Mr. Sunshine is not yet dominating the whole area.
Almost all attractions are open until 5pm.

Since we missed the first Sea Lion Show, we immediately proceed to the Oceanarium. Expectations: a long trail of aquarium while walking with varieties of sea creatures. Reality: almost 15 or 20 steps only is the Aquarium overhead with almost empty species. Lesson: Don’t expect too much. Well, I really felt betrayed because when I visited the website of the said theme park, I easily got excited of this attraction because of the long trail I can walk through. Eventually, they only posted one area with a view from different angle which will give it a “fake long trail”. (Technology effect, I guess). I’m so dissatisfied as well because there are people who are inside the aquarium having a face-to-face interaction with the sea animals. Selfie wasted! 😦
Once we exited the area, we went to my most awaited attraction: Trails to Antartica. Upon entering the said place, I was so shocked because I’m expecting to see sea of penguins, but was hundred percent disappointed when I only saw a small aquarium housing maybe 10 penguins or less. Fine. Thank you for ruining my dream fantasy. My sister and I just went inside the Snow Village. Yes, the perfect place to cool down and forget all the disappointments. We’re the only persons who stayed there for almost 20minutes or more. Imagine, we fought the artificial Mr. Winter for so long. Luckily, I got a chance to have a picture with Mr. Flumble(that’s the name I want for my penguin if ever it’s possible) for free, though he is only a display. Before ending our trip in Trails of Antartica, I tried their Slide O-Fun which is a real five thumbs-up. After that exciting Trails to Antartica experience, I went to the souvenir shop to buy a small penguin stuff toy. Yes, I’m one of those people who will buy a remarkable item to keepsake the memories I had during my stay in that certain place.

After two attractions, we ate lunch at Gerry’s Grill. What an epic one. I’m really in-love with their food. It melts in your mouth which is good because all my regrets were washed out and I felt revitalized by this new kind of aura and overflowing happiness. A positive start to our second half.

Immediately after we had a fantastic lunch, we checked-in at hotel H2O. We got the Park View room where you can view from its windows the place where the Sea Lion Show was being held. What an awesome one. And you know what’s great? We got this for free! Yes, it’s a freebies from my Mom’s health voucher. Super gallatic awesomeness! I love everything about our room. The only problem: our room is in the far end of the hotel. Yes, the walked we had is far longer from the ones we had to the Oceanarium experience. (If you know what I mean).

After having some retouched, we’re headed to the next attraction.

The Penguin Interactive show. Yes, there’s this penguin who will interact with the audience. The voice over of this said penguin is a Filipino staff, of course. It was kind of cool though I don’t get the point of having that attraction.

We tried our luck to the Jellyfish attraction. Yes, I’m quite happy with this one, though I’m not thrilled.

Next, Sea Lion Show. Want to know what time we’ve watched? Well, 1:30 in the afternoon. Yes, when Mr. Sunshine is the king of the whole area, we still managed to watch the show. I will not elaborate this one since I did not concentrate the whole time.

Next, we went to the Birds of Prey aka Philippine Eagle. I’ll give this one a 4 thumbs up since I enjoyed the part where you will stand in the center with your left arm open wide, then once the handler of the eagle whistled, it will get the food attached in your arm (of course, you will wear a safety gear here).

At around 3:30 in the afternoon, we went to the Bird Show. Yes, we’re back at the heat of that scorching sun. And, same with the Sea Lion Show, I won’t elaborate this experience as well.

For our final attraction, we went to the Manteray. Yes, we’ve got a chance to touch one, though there were no sharks that time. Still, a good one.

Finally, dinner time. We ordered in this restaurant inside Ocean Park as well. And I swear, don’t eat there. I just forgot the said place but it’s the one beside Gerry’s Grill if I’m not mistaking. It was not worth it.

Yehey, back to our hotel room now. My sister and I tried to rest for an hour then at exactly 8pm, we went to Zenyu Spa to have our hot bath. Disclaimer: this one is also free since it is included with our Mom’s voucher. I felt so revitalized with this one. The best ending to an exhausting day. We’re the only ones who stayed in that heated room for almost 35minutes. While inside there, we were given water and wine to avoid dehydration. Their wine is a must try. A “Die-to-Experience.” This is what we’ve done there: We lie down in the towel that is laid upon the floor which gave heat to your whole body.
Disclaimer: This is a must try especially to those who are stressed or toxic to their daily lives. Upon entering the said area, just minimize your movement and talking so you can relax your whole body which later on will coincide with the whole process. You will be lost in time and will be surprised that you’ve been there already for 45minutes (that’s the maximum time that you can stay there).

Day 2:
Woke up at 6:30am and immediately proceed to the breakfast area.
We ate at Makan-Makan. This is also included in my Mom’s voucher though it’s only available for ala carte. I ordered porridge and my sister ordered American breakfast. What a heavy one. The meal of this said place is one of the best. ever. I love it.
Since the Fountain Show is not yet in order, we just stayed in our room. At exactly 1pm, time to end our magical weekend. Bye!
Before heading home, we ate at McDonald’s Eastwood (I mean the one near that said place). We ordered BFF Bundle (the one with burgers which is good for 4 persons).

And that’s to sum up our weekend.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and you learned something.


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The Storyteller: by Antonia Michaelis

“A story within a story. A beautiful haunting tale which will live forever in the heart of its readers.” – Seasielle

Ana. Abel. Micha. These three people will never leave your heart and mind.

How will you live your life after a roller coaster tragedy hit you? How will you mend the pieces of the wings of your shattered dreams? How can you be whole if you know from the start that you’re already broken?

These are the questions that left Abel hanging or should I say has been asking his whole life. A seventeen year old guy who, unlike most of us, is one of the best person we could ever meet. In the fiction world, his the best male character so far.

After reading this book, he’s still haunting me in my dreams. I’ll never forget him/his character.
All the sufferings he had encountered in his life, can still be felt by many of us. And yes, one of the closest people in my life had suffered one of his pain as well. I felt so helpless because I know, I can’t do anything. I cannot turn back the time and stop it from happening, nor can I take away the pain that person is feeling that moment and still feeling right now. How can you express the pain if you’re feeling it from the inside? The pain is not visible in our eyes because the damaged is reaping your soul inside. That’s the most difficult one to handle. Abel, and the person I love so much felt that or should I say, still feeling it.

Maybe when you’re damaged inside, you don’t know what else to do but to hurt other people. Because that’s the only way you can scream out what you truly feels; what lies beneath your skin; and what’s supposed to be your cry for help.

Ana, on the other hand is the symbolism of those women who, despite being betrayed or hurt by their other half, still accepts them as if nothing happened. She is the martyr of her generation. The person who wants to change the world as if nothing bad ever happened in her life. She will push herself in a situation she knows she can never escape, or if ever she will escaped, she knows that she will be broken or damaged, just to change or to help other people even though she’s extremely feeling pain inside.

Micha, is the most innocent person I’ve ever met in the fiction world, and in real life, their are people like her. She doesn’t know what is really happening to her brother or what happened to her mother. She’s longing for a mother’s care but showing that she’s satisfied and happy with her brother’s affection. She lives in the fairy tale story being narrated by his brother and knew from the very beginning that it’s not just a fairy tale but a reflection of a real life or should I say, it is the depiction of what will happen; what happened and what is really happening in the real world.

What’s so special in this book?
Well, everything is special in this book because the way it was written is absolutely unique. Reality was told in a story telling way; no kissing or romantic attraction between Ana&Abel until almost that chapter (quite a spoiler); the author did not described the physical looks of all the characters – I mean, not in a detailed way just like other books do, which I absolutely found intriguing but at the same time challenging because you will know how they look like just by their action and the way they speak; finally, what made this special is that the characters will really ripped your heart and soul out and you’ll find deep inside yourself that your life is just the same as them or maybe it’s your life.

Wow! Such a beautiful heartbreaking story. I’m so thrilled to read a book written by this incredibly talented author.

Lesson Learned:

We are all damaged or broken inside and we can’t deny that fact because life is a battlefield. Every day, we enter a big ring and get to decide whether we’ll survive this day and move forward; or survive this day but still remain in the same spot. We need to have the courage and strength to fight the storms or the enemies inside that ring. The bravest of them all, will get out with full of marks and will stand tall saying: “I overcome everything along my way to victory. It was a tough one but I survived and these marks are the proof of my living legend.” Yes, we might not know it yet, but in God’s perfect time, we will be rewarded. We’ll reaped the fruits of our labor. But before that, let us not forget to be kind to everyone for we are all fighting a storm or an enemy in our lives. Let us try to help each other rather than to pull them down. And yes, The Storyteller is the best example of helping each other and standing tall. Let us not forget that along our way, we’ll meet people who are always ready to help us or who will help us. Thank you Ana and Abel for showing us that in this world, everything is possible. Yes, they live in a fiction world but let’s not forget that fictitious stories are sometimes depiction of reality or it’s reality.


I highly recommended this book to everyone. Even though you’re not a bibliophile or an avid reader, kindly grab this book whenever you’ll see this in a bookstore or any shops selling books. You will never regret reading this one or should I apologize now if you didn’t like it since I do believe we have different outlooks in a book. Anyway, I really love this book.

Thank you for reading. God bless.

About the author:

Antonia Michaelis has lived and taught in India. She is the author of several award-winning books published in her native Germany, where she lives.

We Were Liars: By E. Lockhart

“Be true to yourself always.” – Seasielle

How can you change a lie with another lie? How can you be so powerful at once then weak forever? What are you willing to sacrifice just to find out the truth?
The Sinclairs is a family that lives in our generation and will never die as long as others live the same way as they do.

I only bought this book because some of my bibliophiles friend told me it’s a good read. Luckily I did because the author of this book went to my country to sign all her published works.
Upon reading the story, I felt bored to some parts, then excited, then bored again, until I felt disheartened because I didn’t expect this the way it was written.

I mean, my expectations were too high for this book then I was so upset at all. I’m just being honest here.

(Spoiler Alert)
I was so confused that Cady talked to Johnny, Mirren and Gat even though they’re already dead. I mean, she’s a psychopath in this story. A total wreck. Though the positive side with regards to that one is: She remembered everything that happened during the summer of fifteen because they helped her to remember all of it.

In this particular story, you can see how greedy all the sisters were. They don’t care to others because they’re too busy collecting details of what they should do next to inherit all their father’s wealth – The house, the pearls of their mother, all the expensive furniture and ceramics, and other material things of great value.
Power and money are the two most important things for them. Others, it doesn’t matter as long as they have these two things. They never experienced to do charity works or to earn money from their own labor. They grew up to be rich spoiled daughters who can have everything and anything they want anytime. Until one day, their children decided to take control of the situation all of a sudden. A decision that would left all of them mourning forever and will never be forgotten. In other words, a tragedy that will change their lives as long as they live.

We Were Liars is an epic depiction of almost all of the families living in this generation. Make themselves believe that they are the perfect and most beautiful family in the whole world and that they have all the most expensive magnificent and wondrous things one can have in this planet only to find out that the most important things in this world can’t be bought by money nor can be seen by the naked eye. They are the worst of all the families in this world because of their attitudes, actions and beliefs though they will deny it for they cannot see what other people/families can see in their lifestyle.

Let me share this one to you:
Somewhere in the West land, lives a beautiful family(as they want to believe it). Mr.&Mrs. Westland have five adorable children who grew up and become successful. All except one has a family. That one child helps the other four especially in time of need. As year passed by, she become a religious pretentious woman because she will visit other places and participates in their Holy Acts but when she arrives home, she’s a monster. That’s why she’s pretentious. She’s always praying and always help other people especially the needy ones; after a while, she will blow fire to other people who she loves calling stupid, ignorant or atheist even though they’re not doing anything wrong to her. They’re just rendering their labor to her in order to be paid and have an upgraded life than what they have today. Yes, they do wrong or should I say they commit mistakes but that’s not just to feel them like they’re nothing in this world. Take note: Those laborers who she calls stupid, ignorant, atheist, ugly, etc are all her nieces. Now, I have a question, do you thinks she’s a good religious person and all her nieces are the bad ones?; or do you think that this family is a perfect one?; or do you think that no family is perfect because there’s always a black sheep who pretends to be an angel all the time? Well, the choice is yours. In fact, this story that I just told you is true and is currently happening in this country (Philippines).

Lessons Learned:
“Do not accept an evil you can change.”
“Be a little kinder than you have to.”
“Always do what you are afraid to do.”

Aside from those quotations mentioned above what I really learned is this: No family is perfect. It becomes perfect when there’s love being shared by everyone and when they do good to others always. Why? Because by being good to others they can learn how to be unselfish and how to give and share what they have. In that way, they can learn how to accept everyone irrespective of who they are; where they have been or if they’re black, white or Asian. Sometimes all we must do is to understand everyone because that would be the start of something new. The story I told you and this book, they’re both a perfect example of an ugly family who pretends that everything is normal but knows very well that nothing is normal. Let us not imitate what they’ve done or currently doing, instead, Let us change an evil that we can. Maybe our family is currently like them, well if that’s the case, be sure that your one family will never be like them.

I do recommend this book to everyone who doesn’t want their future/current family to be like them (Sinclairs).

Thank you for reading :))

About the author:

E. Lockhart is the author of We Were Liars, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, The Boyfriend List and several other novels.

website: http://www.emilylockhart.com
Liars site: http://www.wewereliars.com
blog: http://www.theboyfriendlist.com
twitter: @elockhart