Hotel Transylvania 2

“An action packed family oriented movie. The new meaning of monsters.” – Seasielle


Hotel Transylvania One, really captured my attention. It’s so entertaining and had a moral lesson. Upon the announcement that there would be a part two, I patiently waited for the release date and marked it already on my calendar.

Last September 25, 2015, I’ve watched the said film together with my mom since I need a companion. We’ve watched at around 4:00 in the afternoon and the cinema is somehow jampacked.

Verdict About the Movie:

Once again, Dracula and his gang together with Mavis and Johnny are back with an additional member of the family – Dennis. The cutest and most adorable baby ever.

Running time: 89 minutes
Notable Characters: Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez

Let me divide my review into three parts.

First part: The wedding and Dennis birth

In this particular event, Mavis finally wed Johnny. After a year, a baby boy was born – Dennis. The whole hotel Transylvania was put under baby care or in other words, every monster, every pointed objects and every thing that’s dangerous for Dennis is required to be protected or to wear a safety gear since they’re not yet sure if Dennis is a vampire or a human or half.

Second part: The struggles and misunderstanding inside Hotel Transylvania

I considered this part as the climax of the story. This is where all the emotions were built and all problems were exposed.

Mavis wanted Dennis to have a normal life – the one that Johnny had during his childhood and teen age years. She insisted to live in California where Johnny grew up. Upon learning this, Dracula was so worried. Good thing, Frankenstein suggested that he should allow Mavis to visit California. Well, because of that suggestion Dracula had an awesome plan, and so on.

While in California, Dracula made sure he’s plan will push through. Together with his gang plus Dennis, they try to revisit their past and how they became scary monsters. Unfortunately, it was the other way around. Everything went wrong, well for Dracula’s point of view only. Because of the said incident, Mavis and Johnny went back immediately to Transylvania and promised Dracula that after the birthday party of Dennis, they will now move in to California.

Third part: Acceptance, Love and Closure

This is the part where all the characters will resolve all misunderstanding and where they will share the true meaning of Agape Love.

Mavis invited all the relatives of Johnny and even his grandfather, Vlad. Because of this scenario, Dennis suppose to be “happiest birthday” became his worst nightmare and it turned into a total disaster. Dennis ran away with Winnie in a tree house. While they were there, Vlad’s bodyguard smelled Dennis as human and tried to kill him. Then the most amazing thing happened.

Well, after everything, there’s a happy ending now.

Moral Lessons:

“You cannot force someone who are not like you to be the same as you.” – Mavis to Dracula

“You cannot make someone who are not they are to be the one you want them to be.” – Mavis to Dracula

Love and acceptance are the two words we must share to others to make them feel our sincerity.


I’m highly recommending this film to all of you, especially for the whole family. It’s truly worth the money and worth the time.

God bless!



A Blessing from Above: Unexpected trip to South Korea – Lost in this Magical Moment

This trip was overdue since we (Mom, Aunt and her friends) were set to visit SK last June, but due to MERSCOV, the said trip was change to August.

The start of year 2015 was awesome for me since I, together with my sister and friend, went to Van Gogh is Bipolar restaurant. Then suddenly like a storm unpredictably in the night, things shift faster than a swift. Just like last Holy Week, devastating event took place in my life. Darkness hovered above my head. I won’t elaborate this one but I promise to you that because of this event, I’m so lost and I’m currently in the state of the undead even after my said trip to SK.

Fast forward, just last June, my aunt asked me if I want to join them (she and her friends) at their upcoming trip to South Korea (SK). Of course I was overwhelmed by her suggestion but at the same time, worried since 2 more weeks to go before their said trip and I don’t know if the Korean Embassy will grant me a Visa (since SK is one of the countries here in Asia aside from Japan with visa). Still, I try my luck. Yes, my mom has no problem since this will be her second time to SK so definitely she’ll be given a visa. June 22, the verdict came up. I was granted a three months visa entry, and my mom, well, multi-entry for five years. Wow, we’re so blessed!

Unexpectedly, the Korean government announced a MERSCOV outbreak so our trip was cancelled, but I’m not worried because my Aunt (who’ve been an expert with regards to traveling abroad since she’s been to almost all the countries in this planet earth) had already rebooked our trip to August.

I can’t contain the excitement I’m feeling when the month of August finally came. My mom packed everything that we’ll be needing even my clothes since she’s the one who’s used to traveling as well. Thank you Mom.

With all honesty, this trip was really a blessing since this was a gift from my other Aunt. Thank you so much Lord for those people. I know that they’re your angels sent to earth to share your love. I know that they can say to me anything that they want since this won’t be really possible without them; but I don’t care since I didn’t ask them for this one. They suggested and gave it to us (Mom and I) for free. If ever they will say something negative about this trip, I won’t listen and accept it. I will just let it to pass by; but I know they won’t say anything except if someone will poison their minds. Hopefully, nobody will do it.

Day 1: August 24

Back to my trip now, we left the perimeters of Philippines last August 24 by an Air Asia flight at around 7:00 am and arrived at the perimeters of South Korea at around 12:00noon. I’m so amazed because the airport of Korea is really amazing and nothing compared to NAIA’s terminal. Even my Mom and Aunt said that SK airport is the best airport among others (take note, they’ve been to European countries and Japan already). Wow! Upon our exit, we rode the service from my Aunt’s friend. Yes, she already made friends with Koreans since this is her 10th time visiting SK. I can’t even close my eyes because I’m so excited to see how SK looks like, and to my amazement, SK is really a good country.

We arrived at Nine Tree Hotel at around 2:00 in the afternoon. The said place is located at MyeongDong, Seoul. It is their shopping capital since all establishments are located in the said place. It was my first day and because of tiredness, we just slept in our hotel room.

Day 2: August 25.

We woke up early because our service will arrive at 9:00am. After eating breakfast at Coffee Bean, we immediately rode the van. It was raining that morning since a storm is passing by in Seoul. Travel time from Seoul going to Nami’s dock is estimated at 2 and a half hours. At the said dock, we rode a ferry going to Naminara Republic or more commonly known as Nami Island. When we arrived at Nami Island, if felt that we were in a KDrama. πŸ™‚ It’s an island with complete amenities, establishments and commercial buildings. I can’t elaborate everything since this will take my whole post. I’ll just post pictures.

After we’ve been to Naminara Republic, since it was still raining, we went to Lotte Mall. According to Peter (my Aunt’s friend and our tour guide), Lotte Company is the biggest and most famous company in their country. Inside Lotte Mall, you can find National Folk Museum, Lotte World (theme-park), and luxurious shops. I won’t elaborate this one as well. I’ll just post pictures.

Day 3: August 26.

We woke up early because our service will arrive at 9:00am. After eating breakfast at Coffee Bean, we immediately rode the van. Good thing, it was not raining anymore. Hello Mr. Sunshine. πŸ™‚ Our first activity: We went to Folk Village. Here, we watched cultural shows and went to experience the life of ancient Koreans.
Second Activity: We went to watch Nanta Cooking Show (SK’s popular live show that is shown to almost 32 countries in the world). The said show was located at MyeongDong so we just walked going back to our hotel. During dinner, we ate at Chicken and Beer restaurant.

Day 4: August 27.

Free day. My Mom and I planned to go to Lotte World, but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance. Of course, I’m somehow disappointed but I have to accept the fact that being in SK is already a blessing. My mom just went to shop and afterwards we went to Black 3D Trick Art Museum. Yes, it was so funny because in the Philippines we can also find a Museum like that and I think, ours is way better than them. You know what’s shocking? The idea of 3D museum originated from South Korea.

Day 5: August 28.

We woke up earlier than before and left at around 8:30am because today is the day we’ll be going to Naju, Korea to attend the 30th anniversary of the Weeping tears of our Blessed Mary. This time, my aunt rented a bus since Peter, together with his van, won’t be a necessity anymore since we were already 9 in the pilgrim’s group. It’s been almost a 3 and a half hour trip from MyeongDong to Naju Korea.

Upon arriving at the said place, my Mom and Aunt’s companions attended the Station of the Cross going up the mountain. Yes, I didn’t join this one because I can’t climb a mountain. Afterwards, we had dinner at a Korean Chicken Ginseng Restaurant. It was a traditional way since we sat on the floor.

Day 6: August 29.

We went to a restaurant to eat our brunch. I forgot the name. Today, is the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Weeping Tears of Mary Naju. It was an overnight affair so we left the celebration at around 10:00am the next day (August 30). Yes, sleep is not welcomed on that day.

Day 7: August 30.

We only slept for four hours since we need to clean up. At around 3 in the afternoon, we went to eat in this famous BBQ house. Afterwards, we went back to the mountain for the so-called foreign night celebration. Meaning, foreign pilgrims who were present that day will have a special night with Julia Kim (she’s the chosen one by Our Blessed Mary of Naju). We performed Bahay Kubo (Yes, impromptu). After the said feast, we went back to the pilgrim’s house at around 2 in the morning already. Yes, team no sleep.

Day 8: August 31 – last day.

At around 4 am (Yes, just two hours to pack all belongings), our service immediately arrived. On our way to Incheon International Airport, one of the tires of the bus busted, and thanks be to God because none of us got hurt. We wasted almost one hour because our driver needs to call for help. Meaning, we didn’t have a time to shop for “pasalubongs” or souvenirs already since we arrived at 10:30 in the morning; we have to check-in our baggage for web check-in was not applicable for us since I’m on a wheel chair (Yes, I won’t be able to walk inside the airport for it’s gigantic).

Afterwards, we ate lunch at Coffee Bean (no choice because of too much fatigue). And boom. Boarding time. I love that Air Asia’s on time during boarding.

Thank you for accommodating us for one week South Korea. Until next time. I’m really blessed and I want to extend my gratitude to you Lord and to blessed Mary; also to my angels (those people who made this trip possible).

Hopefully, if ever you’ll go to South Korea, don’t forget to include Naju, to your must-visit places to feel the blessings of Blessed Mary.

God bless!

As promise πŸ™‚


Day 1: Nine Tree Hotel


Day 1: Our Room @ Nine Tree Hotel


Day 1: MyeongDong Seoul Korea πŸ™‚ Such a busy street.


Day 2: Going to Naminara Republic most commonly known as Nami Island


Day 2: Nami Island :))


Day 2: The Song Museum @ Naminara Republic


Day 2: UNICEF Hall @ Naminara Republic


Day 2: Winter Sonata Memories @ Naminara Republic #NamiIsland


Day 2: MDC πŸ™‚ Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, etc. #KDramas #NamiIsland


Day 2: Raison Gallery #Love #Memories #NamiIsland


Day 2: National Folk Museum @ Lotte Mall


Day 2: Korean Ancestors #Ancient #LotteMall


Day 2: Olden Times #Ancient #LotteMall


Day 2: Noble’s Clothes #KingandQueens #LotteMall #Ancient


Day 2: Japanese Invasion #Ancient #LotteMall #SouthKorea


Day 3: National Folk Village @SouthKorea


Day 3: Nanta Cooking Show #FamousPlay #SouthKorea


Day 4: Black Trick 3D Museum #TheOriginal #SouthKorea #LittlePrince #HappyBirthday #DogLover #LostinKorea


Day 5: Famous Chicken Ginseng #TraditionalKoreanRestaurant #GoingtoNaju


Day 5: Namnae St. #OldKoreanHouses #TraditionalHouses #Koreanovelafeels #Night

Blessed Sunday: A Quality Time with my Parents – Finally, Miguel&Maria

Ever since I started working, one of my goal is to try out every food establishment that I’ve been craving for, those with unique themes or designs, and those that had good reviews from fellow bloggers or from Pop Talk (a TV show c/o News TV).

Lots of food establishments are now on my list, and I’m not yet half way there. 😦

Thank you to my parents because they accompanied me last Sept. 6 to dine at Miguel and Maria. Finally, I can now cross it out on my list.

The said establishment is open Every day from 11:00 am – 2:00pm, then 5:00-10:00pm. I don’t know why do they apply that said time because base on my observation, lots of food enthusiasts still want to dine even after 2 in the afternoon. Anyway, we arrived at 1:15pm. Lucky us since they do accept guest until 1:30 pm only and 9:30 in the evening for the night.

The said place was jam packed that’s why we had to wait for almost 10 minutes to be seated inside. We ordered Paella, 1 Chicken Herb (goes with rice) Mozzarella stick for starters, and 3 glass of home made ice tea since they don’t serve pitchers. Miguel and Maria is okay. Meaning, ambiance wise somehow satisfactory; ventilation, I’m not sure if its because they’re jam packed or they do it on purpose but it’s somehow hot; attendants, I’m must say satisfactory as well; finally, the price, somehow reasonable since their serving is good for three people except for the Chicken Herb (which is really intended for solo only).

The specialty of the house is Baby Back Ribs (I think so since everyone is having that order except for us because we’ve been eating too much pork lately).

Price list of our orders:
Mozzarella Stick – Php 250 (good for three people)
Chicken Herb (with rice) – Php 250 (for solo only)
Paella (with calamares and shrimps) – Php 350 (good for three people.)
Home made Ice Tea – Php 45 per glass.

Bet you have an idea of how much we spent. Haha.

I must say that I’m satisfied with the food because I’m too full.

Rating: 7/10 for Price, Place and Food.

If you want to visit this place, just go to Concepcion Dos, Marikina City and you’ll find Miguel and Maria there. Also, lots of food establishments are located in the said place as well.

Miguel and Maria: 89 Lilac St. Corner Panorama St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

God bless.


Mozzarella Stick, Paella and Chicken Herb πŸ™‚

A Better You, A Brighter Tomorrow

Lately, I’ve been thinking of ideas that will culminate an individual how to behave accordingly for a positive outlook in life.

I came up with the following thoughts and quotes that I wanted to share to all of you.

1. “If you believe something good will happen, it will happen.” As we all know, everything starts in our mind. Therefore, you must condition yourself of the things you want to achieve or happen rather than corrupting your mind with negative thoughts.
2. Always smile. Yes, upon waking up in the morning start your day with a smile. It will not do any harm to you and to others.
3. Never forget to pray. Every morning, every meal, every evening and before going to bed, always pray. Even though it is not a good day, pray. Prayers can move mountains.
4. Take risk. Never prison yourself in a box. Try to explore the world. Remember, it is okay to be sorry when you try it rather than to regret that you didn’t take the opportunity.
5. Learn to say “No.” In this world, it’s okay not to say yes all the time especially if it is against your will. It won’t do any harm saying “No.”
6. Don’t be afraid to ask help, instructions, etc. to others.
7. Respect elderly and other people despite their status in life. As the saying goes by, if you want others to respect you, do it yourself first.
8. Always say “thank you.” No matter how small or big the favor is, never ever forget to say thank you. You don’t know how this word can change a bad day from being good. Always make people feel that they’re appreciated of the things they’ve done for you or will be doing for you.
9. Save a day for your family. Meaning always have time for them. If you’re working, don’t forget to treat them because you don’t know when will be the last; if you’re still a student, always bond with them if you have time.
10. Treat yourself at least twice a month. If you’re working, it is only practical to buy yourself something or to try to eat what you’ve been craving for or to treat yourself to some adventure. You’ve been working for almost 40hours a week so save some time for yourself. If you’re a student, try to make some time for your hobbies, etc.
11. Save for the future. This applies to all: No matter if you’re working or a student, start saving as early as you can. You don’t know what will happen in the future, so be prepared.
12. Lend a helping hand as to the extent of your capacity only. You cannot give all to others because you will be broken. Always leave some for you.
13. Do your best in all your undertakings. Never mind if you’re not rewarded as you’re doing it for your own growth and not for others.
14. Never hesitate to share. Whether books, foods, or clothes, share it to those who need it.
15. Travel and explore.
16. “Learn to accept the things that you can’t change, and change the things that you can.”
17. Never doubt your value.
18. Learn to accept your mistakes. Admit your faults. Don’t deny it because the more you hide it, the more it will pain you.
19. Never say your ideas, secrets and plans to others. Even to your parents. Never ever say it until it becomes reality because you don’t know who wants to steal it or who wants to refrain it from happening.
20. Never give up. As long as you’re still breathing, life goes on so why give up? We are all warriors in this world. Don’t let one situation ruin all of your dreams.
21. Spread some love. Yes, let’s give love to everyone because it is so good to be loved.

As for now, these are the things I observed that a person needs to do in order to achieve a healthy and happy life. If you have another idea on mind, never hesitate to comment it and let’s add it on the list.

God bless. Spread positive vibes always.